VIDEO: Ship Stuck in Suez Canal Moves 17 Meters; Hopes to Re-float it TODAY

VIDEO: Ship Stuck in Suez Canal Moves 17 Meters; Hopes to Re-float it TODAY

The massive cargo container ship "Ever Given" which has become stuck in the Suez Canal in Egypt, has moved 17 meters today, as maximum high tide flows into the canal.  Video below, taken from a tugboat on the scene, shows the predicament.

A full moon has brought with it maximum high tide which may help float the boat from its grounded position.   The rear of the vessel HAS moved 17 Meters this morning, indicating some of the vessel is now re-floated thanks to higher tide.  

The arrival on-scene of very large, very heavy duty, tug boats, is also offering a glimmer of hope.

The vessel remains stuck across the Suez Canal, blocking global shipping.   Egypt says they are losing $400 Million a DAY because ships that would normally travel the canal, and pay a hefty Toll for doing so, cannot pass.

The canal offers vessels a shortcut from the Arabian Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.  Without the canal, ships would have to go around the southern tip of Africa, adding 5,000 miles and ten days travel time to their journey.  Paying  a hefty Toll to shorten the travel time and save on fuel, makes sense for large ocean-going vessel owners.

This situation has also halted the movement of about $9.5 Billion dollars in goods each day, affecting global just-in-time inventories and causing product shortages/outages in almost every industry.

As the blockage of the canal continues, and inventories finally run out, factories may have to close for lack of raw material to use in production.  That would put more people out of jobs and further harm the global economy.

There are serious questions as to exactly how and why this ship got stuck.  Some people are publicly wondering if this was a deliberate act.

Prior to entering the Suez Canal, the vessel made very bizarre travel, shown on its radar track.   It appears from the radar track that the vessel took a track that, when viewed from above, looks like a male penis and testicles.

Above from

Below, an Egyptian Buoy Map tracker system:

After drawing that image via its radar track, the ship entered the Suez Canal and ended-up grounded and sideways, completely shutting off ship travel.

Folks are asking if the radar plot of a penis and testicles was some type of sick, advance notice, that the ship was about to "fuck" everyone by blocking to canal?

Other sources, not named, are saying the vessel's computer system was somehow hacked and the vessel was deliberately steered via computer hacking, to cause what is taking place.

Perhaps the situation is one of those possibilities.  Perhaps not.   

What is certain is that a major investigation should be conducted to find the truth; whatever the truth is.

If this was some type of mistake that caused the grounding of this ship, well, we all make mistakes.  We learn from them and move on. 

But if this was an act of sabotage - by the Captain of the ship, by the crew, -- or by some computer hacker, the world needs to find out so it can be prevented in the future.