VIDEO: Switzerland Moving Tanks and Armor on Public Streets as Russia Moves 180,000 MORE troops toward Ukraine

VIDEO: Switzerland Moving Tanks and Armor on Public Streets as Russia Moves 180,000 MORE troops toward Ukraine

Last night, which was still July 4 in Switzerland, numerous tanks and other Heavy Armor was moving on the public roads!  Citizens, awakened by the noise, took the video below showing what the man described as "more than twenty tanks" passing his house. That's 10% of ALL Swiss tanks!

First, the video:

Clearly, the man speaking while recording, is calling Mine Sweepers and Infantry Fighting Vehicles "Tanks" but there WERE some tanks visible, so perhaps he did see "more than 20 tanks" as described.

More importantly, though, why is Switzerland mobilizing heavy armor on its public roads late at night?

News came out on Tuesday revealing that during the so-called Prigozhin Rebellion inside Russia, when the Chief of Wagner PMC took thousands of men into Russia claiming he was going to get rid of Russian military leadership, the Russians scrambled very many military resources inside the country.  Then, within hours, The "Rebellion" ended . . .  like magic.

On Monday, US Intelligence agencies, having closely analyzed spy satellite imagery, found that during this "rebellion" Russia moved another 180,000 troops to its Western Flank with Ukraine and with NATO countries!

That's on top of the 150,000 already in or around Ukraine.   

Between the 150,000 in and around Ukraine, and this latest move of another 180,000, Russia has now deployed almost an EQUAL amount of troops as the 300,000 deployed by all of NATO!  It's literally almost 1:1 ratio, but it took NATO months to get those troops moved and into position. Russia did it in days.

Last week, word started coming out of Ukraine that CLAIMED "Russia was going to blow up the Zaporozyha Nuclear Power Plant" but most everyone who follows the Russia-Ukraine conflict knows it is Ukraine that is the evil doer.   Ukraine has been LOSING the war with Russia in spite of all the Western Aid that has poured into the country.

One month ago, when Ukraine began its much-vaunted "Counter-Offensive" they were told that unless they showed substantial progress with this offensive, future military aid from the West would become VERY HARD to get.   Ukraine was also told they needed to show results BEFORE the NATO Summit on July 11-12.

Well, Ukraine has been at-it with their counter-offensive since June 4 and has pretty much nothing to show for it.  Much of the armor and tanks given to Ukraine by the West - have already been blown up by the Russians!  Ukraine is losing very badly.

So Ukraine is desperate.  They __need__ to find a way to drag NATO into the fight directly.  What better way to do it than to blow up the Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant and blame Russia?

You see, the Russians won't blow the plant up; it's on Russian Territory.   Zaporozyhe Oblast held a Referendum and voted to Secede from Ukraine and to join Russia.   They did it months ago.  And it's a done deal.  Russia accepted Zaporozyhe into the Russian Federation.

So Russia isn't going to blow up their own Nuclear Power Plant on their own Territory, it makes no sense.   Moreover, prevailing wind patterns in that part of Europe generally blow from West to East.  So if the plant was blown up, most of the Radiation would float into . . . . RUSSIA!  There's no way the Russians would do that to themselves.

But Ukraine certainly would; they're desperate.  Ukraine knows that NATO has already said, if the Russians detonate tactical nukes in Ukraine, and the radiation blows into NATO countries, they would consider the radiation "an attack upon NATO."   Just last week, Senators Lindsay Graham and Richard Blumenthal, introduced a Resolution in the US Senate which says, among other things, that if Russia "attacks a nuclear power plant, which emits radiation, then that radiation leak would be considered "an attack upon NATO."   Gee, how convenient.  Here we are a week later, and the big news is that Russia is going to attack a nuclear power plant.    The Ukraine plan is all so obvious, it's sickening.

Trouble is, if NATO enters the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia has made clear it already knows Russian conventional Forces CANNOT match NATO.   Russia admits NATO Conventional Forces are superior.  But, the Russians ALSO said, "Russia is also a nuclear power; and our nuclear weaponry is far superior to NATO."  They immediately added "If Article 5 of the NATO Treaty (Collective Self Defense) is invoked against Russia, then "Russia will use all the weapons in their arsenal to defend itself from NATO."   

Just this weekend, Russian Federation Council Deputy Chairman (and former President of Russia) Dmitry Medvedev, said "The West and Ukraine have brought the world to the brink of World War.   If World War 3 breaks out, there will be no winner - but there WILL be nuclear winter. . ."

Thus, it appears to most rational people, Ukraine's desperation will force them to attack the Zaporozyhe Plant and try to blame it on Russia.  Ukraine has begun issuing Potassium Iodate/Iodide pills to the population "in case of a radiation emergency."  Over the weekend, they began PERMANENTLY evacuating cities, towns , and villages within 16km of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (Story Here). Last night, Ukraine began issuing public notices about what to do in a Radiation Emergency.   Ukraine President Zelensky even Tweeted about it:

 Zelensky is even on CNN talking about it:

So TODAY, Wednesday, July 5, 2023, could be THE day that all this takes place.  Ukraine gave out Potassium Iodate radiation pills, evacuated 16km around the nuke plant, is telling citizens what to do if the plant leaks radiation, and their President is already tweeting that Russia will be to blame.

If that nuke power plant gets blown up or hit and starts leaking radiation, we __COULD__ see NATO declare Article 5 against Russia, and at that moment, "it's on like Donkey King."   World War 3.   Nuclear War.

With the Russians now having moved 180,000 more troops, maybe all these things are why Switzerland is now moving tanks and armor on its public Roads.  The Russian Army steam roller may soon be headed their way.   And all of it could start, today.


At 3:47 AM EDT today, Ukraine went on Air Raid alert and told it's citizens "Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv regions, air raid alert! - Regional Military Administration. Proceed to the shelters."

It's looking as if today is going to be a very bad day.


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