VIDEOS: China. Virus. Chaos. Death.

VIDEOS: China.  Virus. Chaos. Death.

The following videos show the chaos and mayhem taking place inside China as Coronavirus KILLS, and the Quarantines drive people to do insane things - killing themselves and others in the process.

Chinese society is literally breaking down, and they are only about five weeks into this outbreak.


Desperate from STARVATION inside their welded-shut apartment building, people are resorting to trying to CLIMB THE OUTSIDE of buildings to escape and get food.  In this video, the person slips and falls to death:

This teenager simply kills himself by jumping out the window of his high-rise apartment, to his friends horror:


In this small village, people have blocked all roads in and out, to keep the infected away.   Meanwhile, police from outside come, and the villagers end up fist fighting with cops to keep them out!


Police in China have been ordered to round-up anyone they think is infected, and force them into Quarantine.   Here, people are DRAGGED OUT OF THEIR HOUSE, kicking and screaming, to no avail:

Here's another family literally DRAGGED OUT:

 People who refuse to be Quarantined get SHOT TO DEATH:


China is cremating so many dead bodies, inside the PVC body bags, that sulfur dioxide levels in and around Wuhan and other cities, has skyrocketed.   The levels of sulfur dioxide are so high, it can be registered by environmental satellites orbiting in space!


Below, China is so desperate to stop the spread of the disease, they are using large trucks to spray public streets with disinfectants!


In this video, people in Shenzen are desperately trying to flee into Hong Kong just hours before a full lockdown of Shenzen takes effect:

This is the border between China and Vietnam.  Thousands of Chinese are trying to leave the country:


In nearby Singapore, people are PANIC-BUYING at stores, to hoard food and supplies, knowing a lockdown is coming to that metropolis:

PANIC-BUYING in Hong Kong too:


There are so many DEAD in China from this outbreak, China is BULLDOZING the dead bodies into giant pits.  As the camera pans left, you see thousands of white body bags strewn on the ground for hundreds of yards, then farther left, the bulldozer can be seen pushing them toward the right into a giant pit in Wuhan, China. 


All this has been taking place for at least the past two weeks.   Have you seen ANY of this on American, European or Australian news?   No.

You are being kept blissfully ignorant by the mass media.  

When this disease outbreak hits the US, Europe and Australia, people will be utterly blind-sided and panic.

Don't wait for the panic to hit, before you begin preparing.

Get emergency food, ways to store water, filter masks and eye protection for yourself and your family.  LINKS HERE


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