W.H.O. Succumbs to Reality: "PANDEMIC"

W.H.O. Succumbs to Reality: "PANDEMIC"

The World Health Organization, another tentacle of the United Nations, has finally succumbed to reality and declared the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak a "PANDEMIC."

The group has delayed using that word for weeks while the disease spread globally, infecting and KILLING many people in many countries.


In this case it's not "better late than never."   In their quest to avoid declaring this a Pandemic, the disease has spread so far, and so fast, a huge portion of humanity will die from it.

Stock markets realize this too.  Stocks are tanking:

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    Donald Foreman · 2 months ago
    UN/WHO should be dissolved they are a pandemic to mankind!!!!
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    · 2 months ago
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    · 2 months ago

    Market down 1340 as of 1300
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    John Robert Mallernee · 2 months ago
    I have just been informed that, due to the COVID-19 threat, the volunteers at the Golden Age Center will no longer enter our residence, but will begin delivering our daily "MEALS ON WHEELS" by leaving them outside our doors.

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    Jamie England · 2 months ago
    Most likely because they were hoping to collect on their insurance policy.
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    KS Riaubia · 2 months ago
    One Elder’s Advice to Church Members

    1. You need to evaluate your true feelings about the coronavirus situation; do you believe the reports from around the world are true—or not? For yourself, consider how you feel about the reports of the advancing developments of COVID-19 as being on a scale of 1-to-10. 1 is you are not concerned at all and believe what the MSM is saying that it is “just a flu”. A 3 is “skeptical” about a real danger and you are casually listening, a 5 is you are watching and inclined to think this is a real threat. A 7 is you have no doubt this is a growing danger and you should prepare. 8—you are making preparations and plans; 9 you have made personal behavioral changes and are very concerned for yourself and household family members and have been accumulating the things needed and making plans for a prolonged in-home protection period; you are also talking about this daily to those that will listen. A 10 means you are diligently watching for the signals that the danger is close enough to initialize personal and household protections—including staying home for some extended time.

    2. If you are at a 6 or above you need to have a serious conversation with everyone in your home about these things to follow. If even one person in the home is uncommitted or careless about these things the entire household is vulnerable to infection.

    3. If you are at a 7 or so on your 1-to-10 scale you should begin now to accumulate the things your household will need to “shelter in place”—a term many use today that will mean “stay home!” By what many honest and reliable reports are recommending…a 60-day store of certain things will be needed: Buy the things that you normally eat including canned and packaged food, fresh and canned meats and vegetables, OTC medications, natural antiviral aids (black elderberry extract, etc.), doctor prescribed meds, cleaning and sanitizing supplies, some cash at home, and so forth. Have some stored water on-hand also and lastly—personal hygiene needs and some toilet paper or suitable means to finish toilet visits. Keep this in mind: Buy food first or you will not need lots of toilet paper!

    4. Implement personal behavioral changes if they are not already a part of your responses: Learn to properly wash your hands frequently and vigorously, avoid touching your face and ears until after a thorough washing, keep some potent hand sanitizer (i.e. 70% or higher alcohol content) within reach in the car, at your desk, in your purse, etcetera, and use it often. Be mindful when you have to touch a door handle, faucet handles, public countertop, your cash. . .and wash your hands!

    5. If you and your household are taking this very seriously you are already gathering needed food, water stores, OTC medications and so forth for a minimum of 60 days items. Now you should make a conscious decision about when you and the members of your household will withdraw from public and stay at home. Yes, this means taking a leave of absence from your work, notifying your church leaders (or other publicly gathering social groups you frequent), and withdrawing any children from school or college until the danger is past! Unless the decision is made for you and implemented by regional or state officials—you must soon ask and answer this next question for yourself and your home: “At what point in the information flow will I deem the danger close enough that I/we must stay home?” Will that be when the virus is confirmed in your county or within so many miles of your city or town to be in one person as some recommend, ten people, 50? Decide on the answer and stay alert to the reports.

    6. For a few heads of households and their members some will choose to “bug out” to a place to ride out this storm—a place that is not in their home-town residence but far removed from the kinds of other troubles that a desperate populace can cause. If that is you plan accordingly—perhaps stage your supplies there now, keep the car gas tank full, and a bug-out-bag for each household member at the ready.

    7. Finally, but really at the head of this list is this: By daily prayer and reading the Word of God stay up-to-date in your relationship with God and our Savior, Jesus Christ. He will give you wisdom (James 1:5-8) and can provide for your divine protection (Psalm 91, Psalm 46, Hebrews 13:5-6, Psalm 27).

    "Provisioned to Overcome" at Preparing for Amos 8.11

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    QRP · 2 months ago
    Well, there goes 5 Trillion dollars from the world economy. Hopefully Soros lost the most on hedge funds.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Thermonic Emission · 2 months ago
      Let's hope the C-Virus finds his evil a$$ one way or another.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Grim · 2 months ago
      Yep, those bonds won't be maturing now.