Whatever is Coming, is Coming VERY soon: State TV Crews Ordered to Donetsk

Whatever is Coming, is Coming VERY soon: State TV Crews Ordered to Donetsk

Film crews of Russian federal channels are going to Donetsk, Ukraine. Why? They themselves do not know!

Several reporters from such outlets are saying they were "ordered to move forward and wait." 

That means the Russian government knows something is coming because THEY are going to do it, and they want TV crews there to see it, video record it, and report it.

Whatever's coming in Ukraine, is coming very, VERY soon.

Once "it" begins, the real issue is what the other side - Ukraine and/or NATO - will do?  And it is that reaction/response which will determine what comes next, including full scale war.

We got a hint at how things will go today when the Polish Minister of National Defense announced that "several dozen" US F-15 and F-16 fighter jets arrived in Poland today as a part of the @US_EUCOM air forces rapid transfer.

If war commences, who it involves will determine who gets hit; including what COUNTRIES get hit.   

This thing could go so far out of control, and so fast, humanity could be stupefied at the level of violence.



I earnestly hope each of you has preparations in case the unthinkable takes place.  Emergency food, water, medicines you need to live, a generator for temporary electric, fuel for that generator and for your vehicles, flashlights, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, portable radios with batteries, Communications gear (CB, HAM, or GMRS).

Time to prepare appears to be up.  For weeks, I have told my radio audience that I expect this war to commence on or before May 2.   With the developments this past weekend and even today, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it starts within the next 48-72 HOURS!

If the SHTF, the general public is likely to panic and they will do what they always do in an emergency, panic-buy and clear the shelves of food and supplies.   If you wait to prepare, you may find you waited too long and there's nothing left.



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