UPDATED 11:23 AM -- WHOA! Surprise! Tomorrow, Sept 21, Russian Duma to Vote on MOBILIZATION

In a surprise move, it has just been announced that tomorrow, September 21, the Russian Duma (Their Congress) will consider, among other things, MOBILIZATION.

This item was added to the Duma agenda just a very short while ago, and is a very important item.   If the DUMA votes to MOBILIZE Russia, it will be for war.

More details as I get them. 

10:12 AM EDT


UPDATE 10:47 AM EDT --

The Russian Duma will also consider amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on looting, and . . . . martial law . . . 


UPDATE 10:51 AM EDT --

Russian President Vladimir Putin is holding a meeting with ALL of Russia's "Military-Industrial-Complex" in the Hall of Catherine the Great, inside the Kremlin.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov just dropped a verbal bombshell:  "The time is coming hard, the war with NATO will be protracted. Billboards with the popularization of Suvorov and Nakhimov schools should replace the posters of the Pugachevs and Galkins. And jesters and minstrels will not be translated in Russia. Just do not make a cult out of them, and then they will become just entertainment, and not a tool for throwing yeast into the flour mass."

(HT REMARK: While I do not yet know the meaning of his later remarks about Jesters and Minstrels, I understand the first sentence perfectly.  There is trouble of the worst kind coming.)


UPDATE 11:23 AM EDT --

Word coming out of the Military-Industrial Complex meeting is giving strong indications (but no final decision yet)  that the current 200k force engaging in Ukraine will be heavily increased and expanded.

Also, in further clarification of Lavrov's remarks above, "Billboards with the popularization of Suvorov and Nakhimov schools should replace the posters of the Pugachevs and Galkins. . . ." apparently means "Billboards that support Infantry and naval schools (Suvorov and Nakhimov) should replace popular media types against the war."




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