Yemen Announces They Attacked a U.S. Warship

The group Ansar Allah, which is a Houthi organization that ostensibly runs the country of Yemen, announced today they attempted to attack a U.S. Warship with Drones and Missiles.  The US says the attack was thwarted.

A statement issued by Yemen reads as follows:

The naval forces, the missile force, and the drone force of the Yemeni armed forces carried out a joint military operation with a large number of ballistic and naval missiles and drones, targeting an American ship that was providing support to the Zionist entity.

The operation was a preliminary response to the malicious attack on our naval forces by American enemy forces on Sunday, Jumada al-Akhirah 1445 AH.

The Yemeni Armed Forces affirm that they will not hesitate to respond appropriately to all hostile threats within the right of our legitimate defense of our country, people, and nation.

The Yemeni armed forces continue to prevent Israeli ships or those heading to the ports of occupied Palestine from navigating in the Arab and Red Seas until the aggression stops and the siege on our steadfast brothers in the Gaza Strip is lifted.

The Yemeni Armed Forces confirm their entire commitment to maintaining shipping trade in the Red and Arabian Seas to all destinations except the ports of occupied Palestine.

The United States says that Yemen conducted a "complex attack" 

On Jan. 9, at approximately 9:15 p.m. (Sanaa time), Iranian-backed Houthis launched a complex attack of Iranian designed one-way attack UAVs (OWA UAVs), anti-ship cruise missiles, and an anti-ship ballistic missile from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen into the Southern Red Sea, towards international shipping lanes where dozens of merchant vessels were transiting.

Eighteen OWA UAVs, two anti-ship cruise missiles, and one anti-ship ballistic missile were shot down by a combined effort of F/A-18s from USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), USS Gravely (DDG 107), USS Laboon (DDG 58), USS Mason (DDG 87), and the United Kingdom’s HMS Diamond (D34).

That highlighted protion (highlighting mine) is crucial for you to grasp.

Houthis overwhelmed US air defences in the Red Sea. The British ship HMS Diamond had to intervene to deal with the Houthis' barrage of missiles and drones.

It seems that the American warships SAMs (surface-to-air missiles) are depleted.


Israel Sticks to "The Narrative"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized opposition to Israel and its actions in Gaza as "antisemitic."  So did the ADL.

Netanyahu went on to claim that criticism of the genocide in Gaza was a "blood libel" against the Jews.

(HT REMARK: I don't know about you, but all I can say is thanks for clearing that up.  /sarcasm)



This morning in Ramallah, a tense meeting between Mahmoud Abbas and US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, included what NUMEROUS by-standers called "insults and intense shouting."

By all accounts, Blinken told Abbas he has to step down as Palestinian President and was told to go F. . . himself.



It seems to me that Israel can be viewed like one of those overly-pampered babies—the golden calf of the family—which never hears the word ‘no’ and whose every squall brings mommy dashing over to immediately coddle.

Israel has carried out terror and crimes for decades that any other country in the world would have been immediately reproached, condemned, and sanctioned for. This has created a sense of unparalleled historical entitlement and exceptionalism in Israeli society such that they feel no qualms whatsoever about glibly and openly calling for genocide.

In any other society, it would not only make instant headlines but would make the top docket at the UN human rights council meetings. But in Israel, you can call for genocide, you can demean the Palestinians with open racism as Israeli TV so often does, and it doesn’t get so much as a passing glance or shrug.

I, for one, am quite tired of it.


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