You're Not Even Safe in You're Own Garage Anymore! You need to be ready to SHOOT people like this . . .

You're Not Even Safe in You're Own Garage Anymore!   You need to be ready to SHOOT people like this . . .

The brief video below says it all:

(I have this video downloaded in case "X" deletes it.)

You need to be mentally ready for situations like this.   You need to be mentally ready to severely and INTENTIONALLY HURT people who do this to you.

That is a strange and uncomfortable thing: getting yourself in a mindset to INTENTIONALLY HARM another person.  It's not how we normally think.  It's not how we live our lives.  It's certainly not something we WANT to do.  

Yet, notice how these guys did not hesitate to use force against the man whose car they were stealing?  YOU need to be mentally ready to use far more horrifying force against such attackers.

You need to be mentally ready to INTENTIONALLY hurt them.  Badly.   Maybe even KILL them.

Did you hear the guy yell to his wife "Call the police?"   Did you hear him tell the perps "The police are coming?"  

Notice, they didn't give a crap about the police. 

Did you notice the wife screeching in the background.  The perps didn't care about that, either.

These perpetrators are not "people" they're animals.  They need to be treated the same way you would treat any OTHER animal attacking  you.

Viewing these things as people is your first mistake.

If you are not mentally ready for a situation like this, then YOU will end up just like this poor guy . . . . what you've worked so hard to earn, stolen right from you, with barely a fight.

This homeowner was not mentally ready to intentionally hurt such people.  He . . .  became a victim.

Whether YOU are a victim or not depends on whether YOU are mentally prepared to do INTENTIONAL HARM to perpetrators like this.

None of us WANTS to hurt anyone.  Sometimes, you HAVE TO.  

It takes MENTAL PREPARATION for such a time.  It has to be your IMMEDIATE, mental "go to" strategy in the event something like this happens to you.

Be prepared to intentionally hurt someone . . . . because some of them are already prepared mentally to hurt YOU.


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