Another Example: Mass-Media Becoming Irrelevant . . .

Another Example: Mass-Media Becoming Irrelevant . . .

In yet another example of how the so-called "Main Stream Media" is becoming irrelevant, the New York Times . . . 

If you aren't familiar with the "grammar" of the New York Times front-page layout, it goes like this: The top-right is the LEAD story, the top-left is the sub-lead, everything else above-the-fold is the important news of the day.

Today, the News York Times says the SECOND most-important story is Mounting Pressure from Senior Congressional Democrats to push Biden out of the Presidential race. The THIRD most-important story is the shocking French election results; upending all expectations.  

The MOST-IMPORTANT story?  Elon Musk's successful space launch destroying nine bird nests.

To the liberal nitwits at the New York Times, BIRD'S NESTS are the most important story of the day.   

These people are apparently nuts; which is why rational, normal, people . . . . don't pay much attention to the mass-media anymore.

Their priorities are absurd, their thinking is child-like, and their "facts" . . . . are manipulated at best, deliberately false at worst.


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