UPDATED 2:40 PM EDT -- Full Details: Hurricane Beryl To SLAM Texas - Voluntary Evacuations in Progress - Severe Flooding Coming from 12" rainfall in 24 hours!

UPDATED 2:40 PM EDT -- Full Details: Hurricane Beryl To SLAM Texas - Voluntary Evacuations in Progress - Severe Flooding Coming from 12" rainfall in 24 hours!

Hurricane Beryl has begun its re-strengthening after leaving Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and is now barreling toward south Texas. Landfall within 24 Hours!  Stores already selling out of food; Gas stations already running out of fuel. Update at Bottom . . .

Hurricane Beryl came off the Yucatan Peninsula after losing half its strength, dropping from sustained winds of 120 MPH down to 60 MPH.  As of Sunday morning, it is re-strengthening - fast - with sustained winds now at 65 MPH, expected to increase to Hurricane strength (74 MPH) before making landfall in Texas on MONDAY MORNING.

The latest Weather Computer Models are consistently showing where the eye of Beryl will make landfall:


As Beryl approaches the Texas shoreline, winds will become FEROCIOUS.  The National Weather service is forecasting the winds as follows:


The National Weather Service has issued "Storm Surge" warnings from a large area of the Texas coastline, with water "surging" into land 4 to 6 feet as the storm arrives. The map below shows the warning areas:

For those of you unfamiliar with "storm surge" the video below, sped-up, shows how fast - and ferocious - storm surge actually can be.  This video is of Fort Myers (FL) Beach during Hurricane Ian 2022:

The water comes into shore SO FAST, and the wind is so ferocious, it's enough to carry an entire house right off its foundation as shown in the video above.  So when you hear about "storm surge" it is DEADLY SERIOUS information!


Beryl is forecast to spawn several TORNADO outbreaks in areas shown in the Map Below:

As of 12;58 PM eastern US Time today (Sunday) Beryl is ALREADY spawning tornados over the Gulf of Mexico as shown in the brief video below:


The worst aspect of this storm's arrival, though, may be the FLOODING. National Weather Service shows the flooding to be "Moderate" to "MAJOR" in the areas highlighted below:

AccuWeather expert meteorologists are forecasting a large swath of 4-8 inches of rainfall in coastal & eastern Texas. A zone where 8-12 inches of rainfall is expected faces the greatest threat of flash flooding. The AccuWeather Local StormMax™ for Beryl is 24 inches of rainfall.

So this is the latest as of 12:49 PM eastern U.S. Time on Sunday.   The storm comes ashore between tonight and tomorrow.  If you are told by local authorities that you should evacuate, HEED THAT ADVICE!

Many people are already evacuating.  There is no shame in fleeing.  The shame is if you stay -when you SHOULD HAVE Fled - and they find your dead body a week later.


Hurricane intensity model has Beryl intensified to a 960mb Cat 2 hurricane making landfall tomorrow morning in Matagorda Bay Tx. Last minute intensification upon approach is very likely.


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