Nuclear Detonation "Workshop" In Los Angeles This week

Nuclear Detonation "Workshop" In Los Angeles This week

A coalition of federal, state, local, and military agencies are meeting this week in  Los Angeles area to learn strategies to manage a nuclear detonation.  (Because they KNOW it's coming?)

"Unlike the cold war era, many people will survive nuclear war and we need to be ready for that"- says Hal Kempfer, a National security analyst 

This is definitely not a regular exercise.  With very few exceptions, it's all "hush-hush."

Hal Turner Remarks

For months, I have been warning you that World War 3 is being drummed-up deliberately by the US federal government.   I have told you they are desperately TRYING to cause a nuclear war because the US federal government is $34 TRILLION in debt, they can't pay it back, they know the entire US economic system is going to collapse and they want to be able to blame it on "the war" instead of their own mismanagement.

For months I have been telling you to get prepared with emergency food, water, medicine, a generator, fuel for the generator, First-Aid kit, and other essentials.

A whole slew of you emailed me over that period telling me I was "Chicken Little the Sky is Falling" and asserting that there "is no way" anyone would engage in nuclear war.  I believe ALL of you who told that to me, are wrong.

Now, the government is overtly undertaking this "exercise" simulating a nuclear detonation against Los Angeles.

Why would they be doing this unless they already KNOW it's coming?

Oh, and the reason they KNOW . . .  is THEY are the ones causing it!

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