A Glimpse into the Back-Story of this site and radio show . . .

A Glimpse into the Back-Story of this site and radio show . . .

Just to give you a small idea of what is involved in bringing this radio show and website to you, take a look at the image above; it shows me in the process of deleting 25,820 email messages.  That's just one aspect of what I have to deal with to run this show!

So many people send me emails with news articles they think I should see, or links to videos they think I should see.  From the Kennedy Assassination, to space aliens . . . and a lot of other topics.

Within those emails are Subscriber emails . . . I have to update my credit card . . . . my card was hacked and I had to stop it . . . . my debit card bounced, please try the charge again tomorrow . . .  my account is blocked, and so much more.

Then, there's the SECURITY stuff.

It has been a little over ONE month since this site was fully rebuilt after hackers smashed it during Thanksgiving of 2022.  Now that it is fixed, and the new security systems are operating, in that ONE month, I have had to deal with:

550 Attempts to break-in to the site via the Administrator login area . . . . an area that you, as subscribers, would never normally try to access.  No one can get to it "accidentally."  But folks who know the software, HAVE tried, and continue to try, almost every day.

1,065 Attempts to directly access SERVER FILE NAMES through   http://    This effort attempts to gain access to operating system files through the front end, to grab control of the server.

2,171 "Suspected Core Parameters (Susparm)" attacks.  In these cases, the attacker tries to pass malicious JavaScript code, hoping that my server template will output the malicious code verbatim in the output, making it executable. This can then be used to create maliciously crafted links which can lead to admins or users of the site getting hacked.

All this in just about ONE month!

Then, too, there are folks who think they're shrewd, who send me an email saying something like, I've been trying to reach you . . . are you getting my emails?"   I had NOT gotten any, so I replied "Yes, I got this one." then, curiously,  no response from that person.  Later in the night, about when my show is due to come on, Denial of Service attacks get launched at the IP address of the my email REPLY to them.

They send an email so that when I reply, they get the IP address and then try to cripple the outbound stream by dDossing the outbound IP . . . . except that's not the IP the show streams from!

All these things go on, day-to-day in my life.

So when I say "I'm swamped" I really mean it!

It is not easy to do what I do.  There are very many malicious people out there in the world, who do NOT want truth, facts, or normal opinions being published or broadcast.  And a lot of those malicious people are perfectly willing to engage in literally criminal activity, to get their way.

They seem to think they have a right to SILENCE views they disagree with.   Arrogant and selfish - all of them.

I just wanted all of you to know. a little bit about what goes on here every day.   It's a handful.

I am grateful to you, my readers and listeners, for putting up with  the occasional glitches, and for being patient in getting a response from me.  I really __am__ very busy.





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