UPDATED 4:09 PM EDT -- IDF Chief Informs Political Leadership: "Ready for War against Hezbollah"

UPDATED 4:09 PM EDT -- IDF Chief Informs Political Leadership: "Ready for War against Hezbollah"

The chief of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has notified the political leadership "The Army is ready for war against Hezbollah."   Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah announces "Start a war, and we'll enter and conquer the Galilee."

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah stated that although the Iranian-backed group does not intend to engage in a broader conflict with Israel, "the possibility of the situation escalating into a major war is real at any moment."

During a speech commemorating the slain senior commander Taleb Abdallah, Nasrallah mentioned that "storming the Galilee remains an option if the confrontation escalates."

Nasrallah also remarked: "The loss of Abu Taleb is undoubtedly significant, but we take solace in the fact that he died a martyr, achieving his highest aspirations. Our resolve to continue the fight against Israel is now stronger than ever." 

Meanwhile, Israeli forces on northern front have been told to maintain high level of readiness as security situation can deteriorate rapidly.

The eruption of outright war is expected on or about June 24.

Israel sent a message to Lebanon this week, via US Special Envoy Amos Hochstein, declaring that Hezbollah must relocate all its forces to "north of the Litani River, BY JUNE 24th, or Israel will launch a military offensive."

Hezbollah responded immediately, telling Hochstein "No."  and adding "Israel does not get to dictate to Lebanon, where in Lebanon any Lebanese citizens are able to live."

Hezbollah went on to say that if they see Israel preparing for outright war into Lebanon, they will make a pre-emptive move into Israel.

Well, it is is now clear from Israeli public statements, they are not only preparing for war into Lebanon, they're actually ready for it right now.

As such, the situation appears to be ready to explode into open warfare at literally any moment.  With Hezbollah leader Nasrallah having warned that Hezbollah will enter and conquer the Galilee, the stakes are very high for both sides.

UPDATE 10:07 AM EDT -- 

Hezbollah announces: "We bombed the Israeli naval site of Naqoura with artillery shells and achieved a direct hit."


UPDATE 12:29 PM EDT --

Israeli-Born U.S. Official and Advisor to President Joe Biden, Amos Hochstein reportedly told Senior Lebanese Officials, including Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, yesterday during a High-Level Meeting in the Capital of Beirut, that Israel is preparing to launch a Limited Invasion of Southern Lebanon with the Goal of Pushing any Hezbollah Forces back across the Litani River.

Hochstein further stated that they expect the Invasion to begin within the next 5-Weeks, and if Hezbollah does not halt attacks on northern Israel and agree to a Diplomatic Option, then the Israeli Operation will be supported by the United States and allies.

The Saudi ambassador in London, commenting on developments in the Middle East: It is important for everyone to realize the danger of what lies ahead.. The conflict will not remain regional, but will become international very quickly.

Hal Turner Analysis

Israel can't even defeat a tiny, poorly armed group like Hamas after 8 months with massive US backing, and can't even capture Sinwar, the leader of Hamas. In my view, Israel can forget taking on Hezbollah - the Israelis will likely get their asses handed to them.



Israeli officials have told the US they are planning to shift resources from southern Gaza to northern Israel in preparation for a possible offensive against Hezbollah, US officials told CNN on Wednesday.


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