British Gov't Telling Citizens "Stock up on Three Days Food"

British Gov't Telling Citizens "Stock up on Three Days Food"

Families in the United Kingdom are being urged to stockpile three days' worth of food and water to help build national 'resilience.'

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden will advise people to make contingency plans for dealing with potential emergencies such as prolonged power cuts, cyber attacks and floods.

Last year, Mr Dowden said people should stock up on 'analogue capabilities', such as candles, torches (i.e. flashlights) and wind-up radios, to boost their 'personal resilience'. 

Today he will go further by encouraging people to stock up with enough food and water to survive for three days without leaving their homes, sort of like people in Finland.

Finns are encouraged to stockpile food and water and to be prepared to 'shelter indoors' by taping up gaps in windows and 'waiting calmly for instructions' on the radio.

Last year, Mr Dowden introduced an 'emergency alert' system, which allows authorities to trigger an alarm on millions of mobile phones to inform people of a potential crisis.

It comes after the Prime Minister warned last week that Britain had 'some of its most dangerous years' ahead and was at a security 'crossroads'. Describing the threats on the rise, Rishi Sunak highlighted a new axis of anti-western states including China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.


(Hal Turner Remarks:  "Prepare for 72 hours in home?  Is that sort of like the time needed for nuclear fallout to dissipate?   "Some of the most dangerous years ahead" . . . . "security crossroads" . . . . China, Russia, North Korea, Iran" . . .  these are not words used to stir the public for "personal resilience."  They seem to me to be words used to prepare the public for nuclear war.)


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