UPDATED 11:50 AM EDT -- *** URGENT *** China Commences Military "Drill" - Completely Surrounds Taiwan

UPDATED 11:50 AM EDT --  *** URGENT *** China Commences Military "Drill" - Completely Surrounds Taiwan

The China military has begin drills surrounding the entirety of Taiwan, including islands of Kinmen and Dongyin, state media says.

Taiwan was forced to scramble fighter jets and put missile, naval and land units on alert this morning after China launched huge military exercises around the self-governing island.

Beijing said the menacing war games, dubbed 'Joint Sword-2024A', were a 'strong punishment' for Taiwan following the inauguration of its new president, Lai Ching-te, who is detested in Beijing as a 'separatist'.

China claims Taiwan is part of its national territory and the People's Liberation Army routinely sends navy ships and warplanes into the Taiwan Strait and other areas around the island to wear down Taiwan's defenses and seek to intimidate its people.

But this week's wargames are massive in scale.

The PLA released a map of the intended exercise area which completely surrounds Taiwan's main island concentrating major firepower at five key points, as well as places like Matsu and Kinmen, outlying islands that are closer to the Chinese mainland than Taiwan.

China's coast guard also said it organized a fleet to carry out law enforcement drills near two islands close to the Taiwanese-controlled island groups of Kinmen and Matsu just off the Chinese coast.

They come after the island swore in President Lai who said in his inaugural speech on Monday that Taiwan 'must demonstrate our resolution to defend our nation'.

China denounced Lai's speech as a 'confession of independence'.

UPDATE 11:50 AM EDT  -- ***** URGENT *****

Agence France Press (AFP) Reports:

This UPDATE comes as the Chinese military has Taiwan literally surrounded for an ongoing "Military Exercise."


Hal Turner Remarks:

We all have to keep 2 things in mind:

1. Not all military drills lead to invasions.
2. Modern invasions always follow military drills..

Recall that China's President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, had a big meeting together about a week ago.   If no one thinks Putin & Xi didn't have a little war gaming session when they met last week, either you're not paying attention or you're just willfully ignorant.

It seems to me China must strike while Biden is still in office and the USA is weak. They know of Trump wins they will not be able to do so.

This isn't WW II, and a Chinese "invasion" of Taiwan (or liberation of Taiwan from U.S. military occupation, which would be a more correct description of the campaign) isn't going to look like D-Day.

Taiwan is small enough for China to be able to completely obliterate all (U.S.) air defenses located on (and off) the island before sending in paratroopers to secure key locations.

Then, and only then, will China start shipping troops to the island... and U.S. will be able to do literally nothing to stop it.

Either way, it sure seems that Russians and Chinese have agreed on China opening a new front against the U.S. in Taiwan.


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