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According to French intelligence services, Russia and Belarus are expecting deliveries to Ukraine of not only F-16 fighters, but also potentially Mirage 2000D, Eurofighter Typhoons, and Gripens!

If these fighters arrive en masse, then, according to Belarusian analysts, they will be based outside of Ukraine, and not at Ukrainian airfields, which are highly vulnerable to Russian air strikes.

Ukrainian airfields will only be used for short-term deployments to counter accusations of attacks on Russian territory from NATO airspace.

Polish airfields in Rzeszow, Łask, Radom, Powidz and Krzesiny, as well as Romanian bases in Bakau, Bucharest (Henri Coanda base), Campia Turzi, Constanta (Mihail Kogalniceanu base) and Fetesi are allegedly going to be used to house, re-arm, refuel, and maintain these fighter jets.

Russia has reportedly increased surveillance of these NATO-member country airfields.


For about the past two years, Russia had kept about three-hundred thousand of its troops inside the borders of Russia, but very near Ukraine.  They were put there to be able to deal with NATO forces in the event those forces entered the conflioct or attacked Russia proper.

Today, I received covert intelligence information reporting that "more than half of those troops, are now moving into positions nearer the Ukraine Border."   That would be one-hundred fifty-thousand troops on the move!

The Covert Intel source also reports these forces are being massed "in key locations" which would enable them to make a lightning strike against Kharkiv, Ukraine, and enormously enable a very fast re-taking of the remaining areas of Luhansk and Donetsk which are still under Ukraine control.

The source finished by telling me he and the other intel assets believe Russia will complete these re-positionings in time for a massive strike to take place on or about May 9.



We've talked before about what happens if these donated fighter  jets take off from a NATO airfield, attack the Russian Army inside Ukraine, then fly back to that NATO airfield.  Russia made clear such airfields WOULD become military targets.

NOW what we're being fed is that these fighter jets will take off from NATO air fields, land on Ukraine airfields - or perhaps roads, as long as it is Ukraine soil -- then take back off right away, so that NATO can say, "the planes took off from Ukraine air fields."  In pilot lingo, it's a touch-and-go maneuver. 

It sounds like a scam,  a Technicality, to me.

NATO seems to think this may provide legal cover for accusations that these planes took off from NATO bases, and attacked Russians.   I'm not so sure that Russia will be interested in this little technicality when their troops are being killed, or their country is being bombed by these aircraft.

World War 3 is drawing closer and closer.  It is being facilitated by we in the collective West.  


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