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DNC Considering CANCELLING Chicago Convention, Moving It “Online” To Control The Media Optics!

DNC Considering CANCELLING Chicago Convention, Moving It “Online” To Control The Media Optics!

The Democrats are terrified that the optics of a Democrat Convention confronted by massive protests, featuring a Diaper-wearing old man who can't think straight, or a silicon mask wearing stand-in, could harm their media narratives.

So they want to “Sanitize” the messaging by moving the DNC “Online”, where they can control it.

They KNOW that even most Dems don’t want Biden, and are afraid that Black Delegates will openly protest the illegal immigration that is replacing them, along with the usual Palestinian antics.

Some observers of matters political say the Democrats will probably use “The Fear of Terrorism!” as the excuse to not have Biden appear live during the DNC.

Hal Turner Snap Analysis

In my view, this is simply an attempt to sideline genuine discourse and sanitize the convention. It undermines the spirit of democracy that the Democrat  party’s voting base expects them to champion.

But let's get down to brass tacks:

If the Convention is held in public, people can see that there are only a handful of attendees, and and they can't say it was because of Covid this time.  It would be just like Biden's campaign rallies in 2020:

Mountaintop-GA  October 27, 2020

Biden Rally - June 19, 2020 - Philadelphia

Biden Rally - Ann Arbor, MI - July 27, 2020

I mean, this guy Biden is already the laughing stock of the world.  So weak. what do you expect when the candidate is a feeble old man, senile, useless, rambling, incoherent - inspires no one.  They make meme's of his mental failures:

He can't not campaign like last time using the excuse of a COVID plan-demic to hide his ass.

Everybody knows in a live, dynamic situation, this man will fail; he rambles at empty car parks for goodness sake!

But the bottom line, I think, is this: They'll do a convention online because they are so confident in the steal . . . of the election . . . again.


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