Folks, I don't want to scare you, but we are rapidly running out of time . . .

Folks, I don't want to scare you, but we are rapidly running out of time . . .

OP-ED -- As reported on this site earlier today, the President of Poland publicly proposed the forcible break-up of Russia into "200 ethnic states."  He did this in Switzerland in front of 78 other countries attending the "Peace Conference" for Ukraine.  So that's 78 countries against Russia . . .  i.e. "world war."

This idea of breaking-up Russia was first proposed by Gunther Fehlinger, Chairman of the Austria NATO non-governmental organization (NGO) of Austria, in April of 2023 (Original Story Here).  His idea called for breaking-up Russia into 41 separate countries, and he was traveling here in the United States at the time (Hudson Institute in Manhattan) to push his idea.  He even created a "map" showing how he envisioned Russia being broken apart:

At the time, I thought his idea was so ridiculous as to be laughable.  Now, I see it has gained official traction, with the President of Poland formally proposing to 78 other nations at the ongoing Switzerland "peace conference" that Russia be divided not into 41 countries, but into 200 ethnic countries.  Gunther Fehlinger's idea has not only gained traction, it has gotten far worse!

Do any of the people attending this conference, or who have embraced the idea of breaking-up Russia, ever stop to consider that the Russians may have a thing or two to say about this?

Do any of the 78 countries in attendance understand that Russia has the actual ability to nuke ALL of them?

Do they think Russia would even hesitate to do exactly that if faced with being forcibly broken apart?

I for one, have no doubt at all that Russia WILL do whatever they have to do, to protect themselves.  Of this, there is no doubt at all in my mind.

Given the reality of what has been going on in the Russia-Ukraine conflict for merely the past month, I have come to the conclusion that the world is headed into ACTUAL "World War" and if you are not prepared - or actively preparing - you and your family will have no chance AT ALL of surviving.

We in the West are solely and exclusively to blame for this, and as such, we in the West will likely be hit first and hardest when the war involving us, begins.  Why will we be hit hardest?  Here's why:

We overthrew Ukraine's democratically-elected Government in 2014.  We fomented, financed, and facilitated that overthrow. Victoria Nuland of the US State Department admitted in an intercepted call that we spent "$5 Billion" to do it.

We installed a pro-West "puppet" government in Ukraine.

We attended the "Minsk Conference" to bring peace back to Ukraine in 2014 - and even signed the Minsk Agreement to do exactly that  --  only to find out after the Russia-Ukraine war began, that then-French President Francois Hollande, and then-German Chancellor Angela Merkel committed willful fraud.  They both publicly admitted on TV interviews they signed the Minsk Agreement knowing Ukraine would NOT uphold **any** of the terms, but signed the agreement anyway "to buy time for Ukraine to arm for war with Russia."

As such, we in the West DEFRAUDED Russia with a phony Minsk Agreement.

When Russia proposed "Iron-clad, legally enforceable, security guarantees" via Diplomatic efforts, we in the West laughed at them and threw their Proposal out.

A week or so later, when Russia made a similar proposal, they warned everyone "If we cannot obtain iron-clad, legally enforceable, security guarantees via Diplomatic means, we will achieve them by military or military-technical means."

Russia warned everyone they would use force.  We in the West laughed.

Russia then gave Ukraine final warning: Ukraine had five hours to agree to not join NATO and not allow US missiles on Ukrainian soil.   Then-President Zelensky called the British Home Office and the US State Department, both of whom told him "ignore the ultimatum."

Zelensky took our advice and ignored it.

When the five hours passed, Russia waited two additional hours, and then the Russian Army crossed the border into Ukraine.


We in the West have caused this entire problem; yet we have the balls to claim the Russia entry into Ukraine was "unprovoked."  It __was__ provoked.  By us.  We are in the wrong, here.

Then, not satisfied that we've caused an actual war, we took to supplying Ukraine with weapons, ammunition, and money to fight Russia.

As the Russians overcame all that, we upped the ante again with Longer range rockets, covert intelligence, target selection through airborne and satellite recon.

When that failed, we upped the ante again by inserting US/NATO troops to operate even longer range weapons systems.  It is OUR people pushing the button on missile launches in Ukraine, yet we have the balls to claim "we are not a party to the conflict."  Everything that comes out of OUR mouths, is lies.

We started supplying M1A1 Abrams tanks and then M1A2 tanks.  They proved so shitty, Ukraine pulled them out of service because they broke down so often, required huge maintenance, and . . . the punch line:  Their oh-so-top-secret Armor . . . . gets blown right through by Russian anti-tank weapons.  The tanks are almost worthless!

Just this month, we "authorized" Ukraine to use west-supplied weapons, to strike deep inside Russia.   Well, get this:  If we "authorized it" then WE __are__ a party to the conflict.  Russia already has the right to strike us!

Next is to come F-16 fighter jets.  But there's a problem with those: Ukraine has no viable airfields that can be used to Refuel, re-arm, or maintain those planes.  So now we're saying that the planes will be in NATO bases outside of Ukraine, will fly into Ukraine, attack Russian forces or Russia itself, then fly back to those bases outside Ukraine.  Russia has made clear that all such planes, if they fly from outside Ukraine to attack Russians, will be a legitimate target -- and so will the air bases they takeoff from or land at.

So the absolute moment that one of those planes flies in from Romania or Poland, hits Russians, and flies back, the base they flew from or to, is very likely to get hit by Russia.  At that moment, NATO will screech "We've been attacked by Russia" and it's all-out war.

At the beginning of the Russia Special Military Operation to de-militarize and de-Nazify Ukraine, Russian President Putin made clear "Russia's conventional forces are not equal to NATO.  But Russia is also a nuclear power, and Russia's nuclear abilities are superior to NATO."   He went on to say "If Article 5 (Collective Self defense) is declared against Russia, it will be a war that no one will win."   The only war that no one will win . . . . . is a nuclear war.

Now, we in the West are openly and publicly saying Russia should be "broken up into 200 ethnic states."

We are openly talking about the forcible break-up of Russia.

How much longer do YOU think the Russians are going to wait, before they tell the West BOOM?

I suspect, not too much longer.


Which brings me to this:  IF YOU do not already possess the emergency food, water, medicine you need to live on, a generator, fuel for that generator, communications gear (CB or HAM radio), flashlights, portable radio, batteries for the lights and the radio, and ___EVERYTHING ELSE__ you will need when the Shit Hits the Fan (SHTF) then YOU are going to die.

I'm sorry to be so blunt, but the time for cutesy euphemisms is over.

If a single nuclear bomb hits __anywhere__ in the entire United States, the federal government plan calls for immediate implementation of Martial Law.  Not just where the bomb hit, but everywhere.  The whole country.

At that moment, everything will stop.  No more commerce.  You won't be able to ORDER something online and have it shipped.  There won't be any shipping.  No postal service.  No UPS.  No FedEx.

That's why I am IMPLORING YOU, to get everything you need and get it NOW.

If you do not have, in your possession, everything you need to get you and your family through a couple MONTHS (at least) then you are fucked.  Because you won't be able to go to the store.  You won't be able to order things and have them delivered.

Please, in the name  of God, get emergency supplies NOW, while you still can.  Because once the SHTF, life as we know will stop.  And if you don't have what you need, you will NOT be able to get it.

Use your head:  If the country is hit by a nuke, and Martial Law is declared, YOU will not be able to go out.  It will be like the COVID lockdowns, only enforced by troops with guns.   NO store runs.  No ordering online and having anything delivered.  YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET ANYTHING.

For what it's worth, I do NOT sell any of the things I am telling you to buy.  I have ZERO financial interest in telling you what I've said herein.

If you have your head up your ass, and deny this reality, you and your family will have no chance at all to survive.

Get what you can, NOW.   Have it in your possession.  If it is not within reach of your hand, then you don't have it.



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