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Hundreds of coffins with bodies of NATO soldiers are flown back from Ukraine – Most are French

Hundreds of coffins with bodies of NATO soldiers are flown back from Ukraine – Most are French

Hundreds of coffins with the bodies of NATO soldiers reportedly flown back from Ukraine.

Last week, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported numerous precision attacks on Ukrainian training centers for UAV pilots, temporary deployment bases of Ukrainian forces, nationalist military formations and foreign mercenaries.

“ From April 13 to April 19, 2024, Russia, in response to efforts by the Kiev regime to attack Russian energy and industrial facilities, 34 massive attacks with long-range and high-precision weapons from the air and sea, as well as drones.

The attacks affected: energy facilities, military-industrial complex companies, Ukraine's railway infrastructure, air defense positions, arsenals and army fuel tanks “, according to the statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The waves of attacks on the facilities housing Ukrainian and foreign military personnel, came after reports of the deployment of the first group of the French army near the Ukrainian fronts and in particular in the city of Slavjansk.

After a series of massive Russian attacks on the city, several sources reported that the French army was the target.

According to Western military, the attacks killed about 40 soldiers and injured about 300 others.

Most of the victims were reportedly members of the French Foreign Legion.

Hospitals in the city of Slavjansk could not provide so many victims with the necessary care.

That is why Ukrainian and foreign fighters were urgently evacuated to Pavlograd.

On April 19, Russian aerospace troops also launched massive attacks on the city of Dnipro.

Targets included a hotel near the local military airport.

According to information, the hotel was home to the headquarters of the Ukrainian army.

The building was completely destroyed.

As a result of the attack, many Ukrainian soldiers, officers and foreign mercenaries were killed and injured.

Immediately after a series of reported attacks, an unusually large number of foreign aircraft were noticed at Rzeszow Airport in Poland.

The military facility is widely used for military supplies in Ukraine, but the increased activity of foreign aircraft immediately after the precise Russian attacks on NATO positions of “ military trainers” made much of the suspicion that the aircraft's cargo consisted of coffins and injuries instead of ammunition and humanitarian aid.

NATO countries hastily tried to evacuate the bodies of the dead and wounded.

On April 20, Flightradar24 showed a flight from France that landed at the airbase shortly after a British A330 MRTT took off.

The French plane was on its way to the French city of Chateauroux, where according to French soldiers “ the local airport is equipped with a huge hangar where everything can be loaded and unloaded, far from prying eyes.

The city also has a modern hospital center, Chateauroux-Le Blanc, which can treat the injured without risking the attention of the press.


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