I have NOT had a Vacation since June, 2009 - I'm taking one. August 8 thru 14

I have NOT had a Vacation since June, 2009 - I'm taking one. August 8 thru 14

I have not had a vacation since June of the year 2009. I __have to__ take one.  It isn't even a question anymore.

I am so stressed-out, and have been for so long, if I don't get some well earned rest and relaxation, I think I'm going to drop dead.

It was June, 2009 that the FBI took me under arrest for an Editorial they didn't like.  Denied bail, for 119 Days.  House arrest upon bail finally being granted.   Three (3) full, federal criminal trials . . . . two hung juries then a conviction.

Off to federal Prison for 33 months sentence.  Served 28, got out for good behavior.

Out to a halfway house in June, 2012.  Then Bankruptcy.  Three years supervised release, working bullshit jobs, for bullshit pay, putting up with federal interference in my life and that of my family all that time.

Then, back on the radio in September, 2015, and not a day off since then . . . . other than my Heart attack in April 2019, my open heart surgery after that heart attack, then a SECOND heart attack in October 2020.   I have worked every day since all that happened.

All totaled, it's been FIFTEEN YEARS since I had a vacation.  I am "fried."  Burned out.  Emotionally exhausted.   I NEED a break.

I have booked the vacation.   I won't say where, but it is a done deal.  I'm taking the time off.

I will send re-runs to the three radio stations, to air while I am away.

Neither the radio show, nor this website, will be updated while I am away.  

If nuclear war breaks-out and everything goes to hell, we will do what we have to to try to survive and perhaps get to the bugout location, but I don't really even care anymore. 

I am so burned out; so emotionally exhausted, so frustrated at the senselessness of what's going on in our country and the world, and my utter helplessness to do anything to stop the calamity which is coming, that I am turning my attention OFF for a week.

Let the whole world burn - I'm not party to it anymore.

So August 8 through 14 I will be gone on vacation.

This is a heads-up.






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