Israel Rescues FOUR Hostages; But KILLS 274 Palestinians in the process

Israel Rescues FOUR Hostages; But KILLS 274 Palestinians in the process

Israel announced the glorious rescue of four hostages on Saturday, but word is coming out that they slaughtered two-hundred seventy-four Palestinians in the process.  Men, Women and children . . .

Mass media around the world has been carrying news of the rescue, but apparently not a single peep about the Civilians killed in the process.

While the present headlines focus on the four rescued Israeli captives, not even a casual mention of 274 killed in the Al-Nuseirat massacre. They also gloss over the fact that all four Israelis are in good condition, unlike the Palestinian captives who are being raped and murdered in the IDF Sde Teiman base.
Images of a unit involved in the Al-Nuseirat refugee camp raid, shown above, show soldiers in non IDF uniforms, supporting Axios reports that US forces operated WITH IDF in the offensive, which killed 274 Palestinians, including many children & women.
How the Nuseirat Massacre unfolded:

Israel used the US-built ‘humanitarian pier’ to sneak-in a unit of Israeli soldiers, and reportedly American soldiers. The soldiers boarded a humanitarian aid truck and drove to Nuseirat refugee camp.

Once inside, they were discovered by Palestinians, which resulted in nonstop Israeli aerial bombardment and the soldiers opening fire inside the central market, killing over 210 Palestinians and injuring hundreds.

The ‘humanitarian pier’ gets exposed to be an occupation, assassination, and massacre pier.

The Americans cannot be trusted under any circumstances. A humanitarian pier built under the guise of helping hungry and starving Palestinians, was actually used to massacre them.

Every day the US’ colonial barbarism gets revealed to be more and more horrific.
CENTCOM has denied that the ‘humanitarian pier’ was used by the IDF in the Nuseirat hostage operation which resulted in a massacre This is despite video evidence of a IDF helicopter used in the operation being meters away from the pier and Palestinian eyewitness accounts.

Hospitals Overwhelmed

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, already struggling to cope with the influx of casualties, has been overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the crisis. Patients have been forced to lie on the floor and in the corridors, as the facility lacks the necessary beds and medical supplies to adequately treat the injured.

Many of the wounded are at risk of death due to the severity of their conditions and the lack of resources, said hospital spokesman Khalil Al-Dakran, who has made a desperate plea for international intervention and support.


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