Israel's Armed Forces have again struck a Palestinian tent city in Rafah

Israel's Armed Forces have again struck a Palestinian tent city in Rafah

Reports are saying at least 7 people were killed. Arab sources write that the number of casualties is in the dozens.

Earlier, the Israeli Defense Force attacked Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip.  These two kids didn't make it:

Israeli warplanes perpetrated a massacre against children in the Al-Salam neighborhood in Khan Yunis, resulting in several casualties, including these two kids.

Meanwhile, in the north of the Gaza Strip, Medical sources at the Arab Baptist Hospital in Gaza City state:

What we are doing is attempting to save what can be saved. Intensive care is not available at the hospital, so any patient needing intensive care is essentially sentenced to death.

Many injuries are head or skull injuries, which we also cannot deal with. Some cases result in death, while others continue living.

Some cases require intensive care after surgery, and in the absence of ICU rooms, these cases pass away after surgery.

Most of the medical stock is running out, especially medical screens used in operations and replacements.

Many painkillers and antibiotics are not available, along with some anesthesia drugs. Different threads used in surgeries, as well as plates and platinum used in fractures, are not available. We are forced to use inappropriate tools not designed for some injuries.

All spaces in the hospital have been filled with the wounded, as we have started placing them in places not designated or prepared to receive patients, such as stairwells.

This is a developing story . . .


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