M1A1 Tanks PULLED From Ukraine Front Lines "Weak and Vulnerable"

M1A1 Tanks PULLED From Ukraine Front Lines "Weak and Vulnerable"

United States M1A1 Abrams tanks have been "pulled" from Ukrainian front lines because, Ukraine says, the tanks are "weak and vulnerable."  So much for America's Main Battle Tank when it has to face a Near-Peer Army like Russia!

Video below, posted on social media, shows the latest M1A1 Abrams being towed by Russian troops. Smashed, burned, blown-up, there isn't much left to the $4.3 MILLION tank.  

We were told its armor was virtually impenetrable; and it's mix of metals was so secret, the mixture is "classified."  Now look at what happened to it!

If this is what can be expected of these tanks when they're in a REAL fight (as opposed to fighting rag-wearing terrorists) then reasonable people have to ask "What are we getting for all this money?"


Here's a much closer look at that M1A1.  Blown to shit . . . 


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