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NATO's Glaring Weakness On-Display in Moscow; Tanks and Armor Captured in Ukraine

NATO's Glaring Weakness On-Display in Moscow; Tanks and Armor Captured in Ukraine

An Exhibit of smashed and wrecked Armored Vehicles from NATO, is now on display in Moscow, Russia, showing the real life weakness of NATO, and our high-priced, high-tech, weaponry.

The Exhibit in Moscow opened today, and the crowds to see the weak West were large.  On display, a whole range of captured NATO and Ukraine military equipment:

The mocking of NATO is so thorough, they even placed a sign at the entrance saying ""ATTENTION: Employees of US, UK, Germany, France and Poland embassies get queue-free access (1st priority) to visit NATO vehicles trophies"

The dramatic exhibit of the shear weakness of Ukraine, and more importantly, of the US and NATO is unprecedented in our modern era.  NEVER BEFORE has the US or NATO been so thoroughly whipped on a battlefield.

Russians are so patriotic, and supportive of what their nation MUST do in Ukraine, so as to protect themselves from NATO expansion, they sing songs on their SUBWAYS about what they believe is the coming war:

Oh, and did you notice their Subway?  No one smoking meth, or snorting coke.  No one crapping or peeing in the train cars as is so often seen here in America.

The culture of Russia is rock solid, willfully focused on Almighty God, and strong to the core. NO sickening LGBTQ+ over there; at least not in public.  No "pronouns" being treated as if they matter over there.  No feral animals having fist fights in Walmart.  No looting or burning of stores.  No taking down of historical statues. Clean, safe streets.  Healthy, strong people. The West - none of those things.

We just think we're tough.  We just talk tough.

If this goes wild-weasel, given our present generations, we'll get clobbered.  We're infested with mental (and physical) weaklings.  We in the West have been hollowed-out and destroyed, from within.

Want proof?  Here's a video of Moscow's military display.  THIS is what __they__ can accomplish.  What have __we__ done?


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