NatWest Bank - UK "Looking to Withdraw Cash? . . . We May DECLINE to give it"

NatWest Bank - UK "Looking to Withdraw Cash? . . .  We May DECLINE to give it"

Bankers have begun intruding into personal matters it comes to returning the money people Deposit with them.  NatWest Bank in the UK put up a sign telling customers they may have to PROVE what the cash is for, and the bank may DECLINE to give the cash!

Here is a photo of the sign at one NatWest Bank Branch:

Hal Turner Opinion

Did you see that BS line at the very beginning?  "Our primary aim is to keep customers safe and secure."  No, that's not your job.  Your job is to keep Customer's MONEY safe and secure.  You're a custodian, not a Chaperone.

You've got to love the bullshit they put out: ". . . to protect you from scams."   

It's not the bank's job to protect people from themselves. 

Moreover, these days, it seems to many people that the REAL SCAM is the banks themselves!

Be aware that lowly, sniveling, Bankers are getting the idea they can be your Chaperone when it comes to getting your own money.

These people really need to be put in their place.

Maybe somebody might decide to deliberately cause a "run" on Banks that do things like this?

If one or two banks get wrecked and put out of business by "runs" done as Protests, the rest of the bankers in the world just might re-think their role in life, and return to being the lowly, sniveling vendors they actually are.


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