Poland Officially Requests U.S. NUCLEAR WEAPONS

Poland Officially Requests U.S. NUCLEAR WEAPONS

Poland has handed an official request to Washington to have U.S. nuclear weapons hosted in Poland.

No word yet on any need or desire in the US to put such weapons there.

Russia earlier cautioned Poland that nuclear weapons in their country would **not** make Poland any safer.  In fact, they said, it would merely make Poland a target for Russian nuclear weapons.

Hal Turner Snap Analysis

Nuclear weapons “hosted” in Poland; Sounds like an exchange student or something innocent , like its a cultural program.

My bet . . .  and this is pure conjecture on my part --  Poland didn't actually "request" anything.
They were just told that the US is going to deploy nukes on their territory.

The nukes will be controlled by US of course, not Poland; Poland would have no interest in this affair whatsoever. . . except when they get blown up by Russia for having them so close to Russia.



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