Putin Tells Russian Citizens "Work as if YOU are on the Frontline . . . as if YOU are Mobilized" for War effort

Putin Tells Russian Citizens "Work as if YOU are on the Frontline . . . as if YOU are Mobilized" for War effort

With an estimated 500,000 troops inside Ukraine, and another 200-300,000 to be sent shortly, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke yesterday to the Russian people about the war in Ukraine.

He told them " Work as if you are on the frontline . . . as if you are mobilized" adding it is the only way we will achieve the objectives we set for ourselves."

Here is a brief video showing his remarks, with translation:

As things stand right now, Ten European countries have given Ukraine permission to strike inside Russia with their weapons:  UK,  Latvia,  Lithuania,  Netherlands,  Poland, Finland,  France,  Czech Republic,  Sweden,  and Estonia.  Just yesterday, the Foreign Minister of CANADA also publicly stated "Ukraine has the right to strike the territory of Russia by Canadian weapons, there are no restrictions."

Putin's remarks, then, to his fellow Russians, seem mindful that if this new approach goes forward, Russia will be under considerable bombardment.

The reality, though, is quite a bit worse.

The weapons "donated" to Ukraine are very  sophisticated and in most cases, Ukrainians simply don't know how to operate them.  According to Russia, these sophisticated weapons are ALREADY being programmed, launched, and guided to target by NATO personnel!

So what we are actually seeing is no longer a "proxy" war: - Russian territory will be attacked by NATO weapons that are guided by NATO surveillance and NATO targeting, with the official stated objective of knocking out a US rival, Russia.

Fears are mounting fast that Putin will soon likely allow attacks on NATO logistic centers to prevent those weapons from entering Ukraine.  If that takes place, it would be all-out war.

All this because the collective West, is determined to grab Ukraine so as to put NATO and U.S. missiles on Ukrainian soil so they have only a five minute flight time to Moscow.  Russia will simply not allow their safety to be impacted that way.  For Russia, it's a matter of their national security.


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