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UPDATE 1:55 PM EDT-- PRIGOZHIN: "Never-Mind. Rebellion Canceled" Russia Descending into Civil War; Putin addresses nation - "Treason" "Mutiny" -- US/NATO Nuclear First-Strike if Wagner gets Russian nukes. RuAF BOMBS Wagner PMC Convoys

UPDATE 1:55 PM EDT-- PRIGOZHIN: "Never-Mind. Rebellion Canceled" Russia Descending into Civil War; Putin addresses nation - "Treason"  "Mutiny"  -- US/NATO Nuclear First-Strike if Wagner gets Russian nukes.  RuAF BOMBS Wagner PMC Convoys

Overnight, extraordinary developments took place inside Russia, leading many to conclude an actual Civil War is erupting there. A Military Base and one Headquarters are now under control of Wagner PMC and no one is sure if they have access to nukes.  US/NATO may strike Russia with a nuclear first strike if control of Russian nukes is questionable.

This morning troops are on the streets of Moscow while Russian Air Force planes and helicopters began BOMBING vehicle convoys of Wagner PMC on the M24 Highway inside Russia! 

President Putin made an extraordinary address to the nation overnight, calling these events "Treason" and "Mutiny" saying the participants will be punished most severely.

Full details coming shortly . . .  7:17 AM EDT


Last night, Wagner Private Military Company (PMC)  made known through social media video that days ago, the Russian Army (or Air Force) had attacked Wagner PMC camps inside Ukraine.   Yevgeny Prigozhin, who runs Wagner PMC claimed many of his troops were killed and many others injured in those strikes.

Prigozhin, announced that a Wagner military base has been ATTACKED by the ARMY!   Saying, the Army “launched rocket attacks on our rear camps. A huge number of soldiers died. We will decide how we will respond to this atrocity. The next step is ours."

Prigozhin said A MILITARY COUP MAY START IN RUSSIA . “The evil that the military leadership of Russia must be stopped. I ask no one to resist! Anyone who tries to resist - we will destroy. Justice for the troops will be restored, and after that, justice for all of Russia.” he continued.

He stated that Minister of Defense, Shoigu, runs away “like a grandmother. This animal must be stopped.”

Strelkov (Girkin), who lead the 2014 invasion of Ukraine says “A military coup attempt has begun.” Prigozhin says, “We are 25,000 strong and we are going to figure out why chaos is happening in Russia. Anyone who wants to join - join! We must end this disgrace.”

He then claimed this attack on Wagner PMC was done on purpose by the Russian Ministry of Defense and he was going to Moscow with twenty-five thousand of his Wagner PMC troops to remove the top Generals inside the Russian Ministry of Defense.  Defense Minister Shoigu, said Prigozhin, "would hang in Red Square."

72 hours ago, the Russian FSB and other intelligence apparatus inside Russia, got word of a pending uprising, and placed numerous agencies in Moscow on alert.

As part of his intent to travel to Moscow, Prigozhin mustered his men into convoys inside Ukraine, and headed toward the Russian Border crossing at Rostov-on-Don, Russia.   Border Guards were INITIALLY ordered to close the border, but Prigozhin's convoys WERE ALLOWED TO COME INTO RUSSIA ANYWAY.   This seemed worrisome at first because it would indicate widespread support for Prigozhin, but it turned out that Russian FSB gave the Order to ALLOW the convoys into Russia.

Prigozhin's convoys made rapid progress into Rostov, and took control of the Southern Military District Headquarters building in Rostov.   Below, Wagner PMC Troops begin deploying around Southern Military Headquarters Building:

Those troops were quickly SUPPORTED by Tanks

Overnight, Russia's Special Rapid Response Unit (SOBR) was reportedly on its way to Belgorod to arrest or kill Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group, due to an "armed rebellion." 

This morning, Russian attack helicopters engaged Wagner PMC Convoys on the M24 highway and began BOMBING them.  Here is video from social media:

Russian President Vladimir Putin took to national television overnight to address the nation.  He told the Russian people that this is Treason and armed mutiny.  He said Russia is fighting for its Sovereignty and for its values, and what Wagner PMC is doing is a "lethal threat" to Russia.  He said the participants would be dealt with severely.

At about 6:00 AM this morning, word reached us here in America that Prignozhin forces of Wagner PMC had captured a military airfield in Voronezh region past Buturlinovka.    Here are photos from the base Prignozhin now controls:

Wagner used a Pantsir S1 SAMs to down a Russian military AN-24 transport plane killing all soldiers onboard less than an hour ago.  Here is video of THAT troop-transport aircraft being shot down:

It is not yet known publicly if this base is equipped with nuclear weapons.   It is already known that if the base DOES have such weapons, the United States and NATO may conduct a nuclear first-strike to keep those weapons out of Prigozhin's hands.

In related news, Belarus President Lukaschenko'[s family jet flew from Belarus to Turkey late last night; departing Minsk at 12:01 AM local time.   It is not known if Lukaschenko himself was on that plane or just his family.  This begs the additional question: Who is in control of the Russian Tactical nuclear bombs moved to Belarus just last week.  If that question is not answered promptly, it is possible there could be a US/NATO nuclear first-strike against Belarus to resolve that question as well.

The situation is deteriorating VERY rapidly. 


(Hal Turner Remarks:  What we have here is a real life version of the Hollywood blockbuster movie "Crimson Tide."  In that movie, Russian separatists took over a Russian military base quipped with nuclear bombs.  In that movie, the US ordered the submarine USS Alabama, to conduct a nuclear first strike against that separatist base. 

We now have a real life version similar to that movie, only now, with Prigozhin.  He has taken the Russian Southern Military District Headquarters, and a Russian air base.   

IT IS NOT KNOWN TO ME if that base has Russian nukes.   If it does, we may very well launch a nuclear first strike and if we do, Russia won't care one wit as to WHY we did it, they will shoot back.

Right now, as you read this, the world is in the single most dangerous situation it has been in all of human history. 

Get right with God.)



Prigozhin's forces successfully passed Voronezh and are moving through the territory of the Lipetsk region. They boast that they shot down the front posts of "Rosguard" and took the trophies - Igor Strelkov (Girkin) "Guys, don't stop."

Russian military say that if the Wagner PMC continues its movement, the Russian Armed Forces will blow up three bridges across the Oka River to protect Moscow.


RT correspondent Kosarev reports an explosion near the headquarters of the Southern Military District in Rostov.

MORE:   Second explosion reported!


PMC "Wagner" requires people to move at least two kilometers away from the building of the headquarters of the Southern Military District



Internet services may be restricted in Moscow and other regions where a counter-terrorist regime has been declared - RIA


Governor of Russia's Lipetsk region, north of Voronezh, urges people to stay at home


9:03 AM EDT -- Russian Armed Forces in St. Petersburg raised to COMBAT ALERT.   Not certain if this is over Prigozhin or NATO.

 Prigozhin says his forces have been fired on by artillery, helicopters.


9:10 AM EDT -- Latvia strengthening security at the Russian border, says Russian citizens will not be allowed to enter.

Wagner Group says Putin made the 'wrong choice' and soon Russia will have a 'new president'

Russian soldiers have set up a machine gun position on the southwestern edge of Moscow.

The advanced military units of Wagner are already in the Lipetsk region, it is 3 hours from Moscow. The Russian Ministry of Defense with the help of aviation shoots a moving military convoy. Prigozhin's troops shoot down planes and helicopters of the Russian armed forces. Moscow has dug trenches on the outskirts of the city and is preparing for hostilities today or tomorrow.

BLAME . . .

Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of the Russian RT channel: "There is no doubt that Prigozhin's rebellion is coordinated and directed by the secret services of the United States, Great Britain, and perhaps also one country in the Middle East" (such as Israel or Turkey).

(Hal Turner Remark: No one is (yet) saying the quiet part out loud:  Earlier this week, the Pentagon announced a $6 BILLION  "Accounting error" in the valuation of equipment sent to Ukraine, which then freed-up $6 Billion for other purposes.  Just days after the Pentagon announced that, Prigozhin, a For-Hire Private Military Contractor, makes his move against his own country, Russia.   Did the Pentagon pay-off Prigozhin with that $6 Billion?????)


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Imagery sent from one of the Wagner PMC Convoys heading toward Moscow has been Geo-located.   The first elements of a Wagner PMC Convoy have entered the state (Oblast) of Moscow and are seen in the image below at:  Soviet Square in Kolumna, Russia:

Kolumna, Russia is now shown on a map of the Moscow area, and the location of the Wagner PMC Units is now 72 Miles from Moscow City center:


Belarusian president Lukashenko held talks with Prigozhin today. Lukashenko says that Prigozhin has agreed to "stop the movement of armed persons on the territory of Russia and to take further steps to deescalate"



UPDATE 1:55 PM EDT -- 

Wagner PMC Owner Yevgeni Prigozhin has announced he is turning his men around and returning his units to the battlefields of Ukraine rather than spill Russian Blood.

(Hal Turner Remark:   WTF?   Are you kidding me?   Holy Sh*t . . . . you can't even make this stuff up it's so absurd.)

According to Russian State Media, Major Changes to the Leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense including changes to the current Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu and Army Chief of General Staff, Valery Gerasimov have reportedly been Agreed upon in order to Stop the March of the Wagner PMC Group towards the Capital of Moscow; these Negotiations have also reportedly included the assured “Security of the Wagner Group.”

These Negotiations are also reported to have included a “Stipulation” that the Majority of Wagner PMC Forces will be Redeployed out of Russia and Ukraine to Africa.



This analysis is NOT mine, it comes from a guy in Europe whom I respect.  I think you'll like it:

From recent events I can conclude following:

Wagner mutiny was very likely staged operation. Fallout of ostensible rebelion provided cover for fast military movement with numerous air defense units and thousands of troops reaching western borders of Russia practically unnoticed as everyone was focused on Prigozhin's insurgency. Without mutiny pretext such massive movement would be seen, and mainly linked, directly to Ukraine very quickly.

If I consider that Russia already did some serious preparatons to protect its capital, with roads blocked and checkpoints rised, I think Russia is about to blow heavy strike on Kiev and its forces (if not even further) and all this protective measures, ostensibly related to mutiny, were done actually as protective measures if NATO will decide to intervene.

If my conclusions are correct then such blow will come in next hours or days.



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