Russia's Top General: "Ready for Post-Conflict Negotiations"

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said today "Moscow is ready for negotiations on post-conflict resolution of the crisis in Ukraine and on further coexistence with the West."

Russia knows Ukraine has lost.   Russia knows the West can no longer provide weaponry or money to keep that conflict going.  Russia knows it's defense production is SEVEN TIMES GREATER than all the West combined.  Yet, they are extending an olive branch.



Hal Turner Remarks -- 

We in the West should seize the moment and take this opportunity to move forward in peace.

Sadly, I fear the West simply CANNOT seek peace.  I think the West - especially the United States -- is literally Bankrupt.  I believe the West **needs** a nuclear war or at least a partial nuclear war, so they can blame their financial collapse on the war.  I perceive the West **needs** debt forgiveness and the only way they can get it is through mass destruction.  

It seems to me the West needs to be able to go to their creditors and say "Our cities are destroyed, our people are dead, our economy is smashed.  We have no hope at all of ever paying you back.  We need debt forgiveness."

If I am right, the Creditors, seeing this is the actual reality, will have little choice.

I suspect at that point, the very people in the West who perpetrated the massive financial destruction, get to walk away, free and clear, **remain in power ** (that's the key) and start the whole shitshow all over again.  Then, in maybe another 75 years, they have to do it all again.   Round and round the wheel spins.  Same old, same old.

If the West turns down this move for peace that Russia is offering, then ALL OF US know the whole Russia-Ukraine thing, and the whole Israel-Hamas thing, was specifically designed to intentionally CAUSE nuclear war for debt forgiveness.

Nothing else about these situations, makes any sense to me.




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