Russian Naval Group off Melbourne, Florida Coastline!

Russian Naval Group off Melbourne, Florida Coastline!

The Russian Navy has a grouping of warships off the east coast of Florida, between Melbourne and Vero Beach.

Here is the vessel tracking map:

One of the vessels involved is a Russian nuclear submarine (FILE PHOTO - Not actual image from Florida):

That submarine is being tracked by a US Navy P-8 "Poseidon" Sub-Hunter (FILE PHOTO: - Not taken over Florida)

While these vessels from the Russian Navy are hanging out off Florida, the Russian Navy frigate Admiral Gorshkov - capable of carrying Zircon hypersonic missiles, arrives in Havana:

Hal Turner Remarks:

Just so all of you grasp what's taking place here, the United States and our NATO vassals, are making more and more trouble for Russia, inside Ukraine.

So now Russia is demonstrating to us they can make trouble for us . . . . HERE . . . . inside the United States.

While what __we__ are doing in Ukraine is causing the actual deaths of Russian soldiers, Russia has not ---- yet ---- decided to bring death to OUR people.   Notice I said "yet."

This is what the US Congress and the US President are causing.  While THEY play "the sport of Kings (war" in Ukraine, we the American people are the ones they are endangering HERE, inside our own country.

If we get attacked here, inside America, by Russian forces, the sole and exclusive BLAME rests on members of the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, and the present illegitimate occupant of the Presidency.   

They have been warned over and over again by Russia, to stop what they're doing.  Yet Congress not only ignores the warnings, they up-the-ante and do even worse things.  Sooner or later, once the Russians have had enough, they're going to show us that they are as powerful - if not more - than we are.  

Remember that when you see your member of Congress slithering out from a nuclear bunker after it's all over . . . . and hold them accountable right then and there.


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