SECOND Russian Nuclear Missile Warning Radar Hit By Ukraine - Also an attempt to hit a THIRD!

SECOND Russian Nuclear Missile Warning Radar Hit By Ukraine - Also an attempt to hit a THIRD!

For the SECOND TIME, Ukraine drones hit a radar of Russia's nuclear early warning system, and attempted to shoot a THIRD one, with Moscow expecting a fourth radar station to be hit as well.

The attack upon a SECOND Over-The-Horizon radar inside Russia is an extremely worrying development because it is clearly being done not for Ukraine defense, but rather as a NATO destabilization of the combat command and control system of Russian strategic nuclear forces.

This SECOND attack hit the Voronezh-DM advanced over-the-horizon (OTH) early warning radar system in the Orsk region of Orenburg, 1,800 km from the Ukrainian border.

This second attack happened on May 26 into 27.  But unlike the first attack, wherein imagery from the ground was available to me almost immediately, no ground imagery is presently available to me.  Instead, all I can show is grainy satellite imagery showing scorch marks on the ground:

As you can clearly see, it is difficult if not impossible to determine if the radar is still functional, but I am told it is NOT.

Russian analysts stress that a new blow from Ukraine should be expected. According to them, the next NATO target is the Voronezh-M radar in Lekhtusi (Leningrad region).

If Kiev hits this particular radar in Lekhtusi (Leningrad Region), then Russia's defense capability in the northern direction will be reduced. Moscow will lose the ability to detect in time the launch of missiles with nuclear warheads against it and, accordingly, to react quickly to what is happening.

Put simply, the "Blind Spots" that are being created in Russia's early-warning radar, are making Russia vulnerable to a Nuclear First-Strike attack by the West.  The Russians are becoming "sitting ducks."

Austrian Army Colonel Markus Reisner on the (US) attack on Russia's early warning radar:
- Almost no significance for the Ukrainian battlefield
- Likely a US-led attack to degrade Russia's nuclear deterrent
- "Boiling the frog" strategy to enable first-strike


When I reported the attack upon the first Russia Over-the-Horizon radar (Story Here), I pointed out that the station did not provide coverage in Ukraine. There was no military advantage for Ukraine to have attacked this radar station. 

I pointed out that, in my view, the only reason a station like this would be attacked, would be to set the stage for a NATO nuclear first strike on Russia.

Bolstering my belief that it is NATO engaging in attacking these stations is the fact, revealed over the Memorial Day Weekend holiday, that one of the Drones shot down during the FIRST attack, was a "Tekever AR3" Drone.   They are made by Portugal!  A NATO member country!  A FILE PHOTO image of the Tekever AR3 appears below:

With this second radar station having now been hit, and an attempt made on a THIRD radar station, it seems clear to me that NATO is setting the stage for a DECAPITATION NUCLEAR ATTACK against Russia; the idea apparently being "Solve the Russia problem in one fell swoop."

I may be wrong about the idea, but I am not wrong about the vulnerability being created inside Russia with these particular attacks.

At some point, Russia is going to be in a position where they have a single choice: Use their nukes, or lose them.

I am of the belief that Russia will USE them, because failing to do so, would leave Russia at the mercy of NATO and would thereby be a conquered nation.  I just don't see the Russians putting up with that.  The Slavic mentality is "It is better to die on their feet, than to live on their knees."

In sum, it is we in the West who are constantly upping the ante in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and now we are upping the ante to actual nuclear war.  This is not the Treaty Role of NATO, and I know of absolutely no American or even European citizen that has authorized or even asked for Nuclear World War 3.

These dangerous and reckless escalations are being carried out by elements within NATO and these people should be confronted and stopped. 

The survival of us, our families, and out way of life, is at stake. 

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