U.S. Drone Appears to Have Provided Target Coordinates for Ukraine Strike on Russian Civilians at Beach

U.S. Drone Appears to Have Provided Target Coordinates for Ukraine Strike on Russian Civilians at Beach

Earlier today, this website reported an attack with U.S.-Supplied ATACMS missiles, by Ukraine, against civilians on a Beach in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia.  Now, we find out that ATACMS could not get targeting coordinates because of Russian GPS Electronic Warfare Jamming, so targeting was apparently provided by a U.S. "Global Hawk" Drone.   It looks like WE targeted those Russian Civilians.

As shown in the image above, Russian Jamming of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) has been long underway near Crimea specifically to thwart Ukrainian attacks.  The areas in red on the image above are where GPS signals CANNOT get through.  So how did those ATACMS hit the target in Sevastopol?

Turns out there was a United States Air Force "Global Hawk" surveillance drone airborne, prior to - and during - the attack.  It's overlapping flight path is shown on the FlightRadar24 map below:

That "Global Hawk" drone can provide precise target coordinates, separate and distinct from GPS.  Those coordinates could then be radioed to be programmed-into the HIMARS launcher, which fired the ATACMS missiles.   The evidence seems to indicate: The attack upon Russian civilians, on the beach in Sevastopol, appears to have been targeted with a United States Air Force Global Hawk drone, which relied on US Satellite data and communications to provide attack coordinates.

This appears to many people to have been an act of war by the United States, against Russian civilians.


Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

Let me ask you:  If Americans on a Beach in say . . . Wildwood, NJ,  or Miami, FL, were hit with Cluster Munitions provided by Russia, but launched by someone else, while a Russian drone was offshore at the time of the attack, what would we in the United States do?

Would we say "Russia is not a party to the conflict?"  OR, would we just cut through the bullshit, declare war, and blow the living crap out of them?

If you think we would declare war and blow the living crap out of them (as I do) then why shouldn't Russia do that exact same thing to us?

This behavior by the illegitimate Biden Regime, is going to start a massive war, and I firmly believe we will be kinetically attacked HERE . . .  inside the United States . . .  because of it.

I earnestly hope you are prepared with emergency food, water, medicine, a generator to keep your refrigerator running so your food doesn't spoil, fuel for that generator, communications gear like a CB or HAM radio, flashlights for each room in the house, a portable radio for news and information, SPARE BATTERIES for those flashlights and radio, a First-Aid kit and so on.  Those who have such "preps" will at least have  a CHANCE to survive.  Those who don't - won't.


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