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U.S. Pauses Weapons Shipment to Israel; WAIVES Weapons Purchase-Sanctions on Qatar, Lebanon, and Iraq

U.S. Pauses Weapons Shipment to Israel; WAIVES Weapons Purchase-Sanctions on Qatar, Lebanon, and Iraq

Much ado has been made of the US specifically pausing a weapons shipments to Israel . . . there's more to the story.

"Specifically, we [the US] paused one shipment of weapons consisting of 1800  2000-pound bombs, and 1700  500-pound bombs," Pentagon Press Secretary Pat Ryder said during a press briefing.

Earlier Illegitimate President Biden said in an interview that the US will go as far as to stop the flow of weapons to Israel should the PM Netanyahu war cabinet decide on a major military operation in the Gaza Strip.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed that the US has paused one shipment of "high payload munitions" to Israel and is "reviewing near-term" shipments amid Israel’s heightened offensive in Rafah.

It remains unclear whether the suspension of weapons deliveries to Israel will make any difference and cause Israel to call off its Rafah operation. Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that his country stands ready to proceed with its military plans no matter what Washington or any other country says or does.

On Monday, Israel started a military operation in the eastern parts of Rafah and took control of the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing with Egypt. Hamas said that it had agreed to the provisions of the ceasefire deal proposed by Egypt and Qatar mediators, but Netanyahu called the truce deal unacceptable. Over a million people are believed to be sheltering in the city.


Earlier this week, the Biden regime also . . . . ready for this . . . .  granted WAIVERS from Economic Sanctions, to Qatar, Iraq, and Lebanon so they can resume buying . . . WEAPONS!

The Waiver states it is intended to apply until April of next year (2025).

So not only has the Biden regime cut off arms shipments to Israel, it has granted permission for arms sales to Qatar (Hamas ally), Lebanon (Hezbollah ally) and to Iraq!

It's almost as if they actually WANT a bloodbath taking place over in the Middle East.


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