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Ukraine Discussing Moving Country's Capital from Kiev to Lviv; "Almost All Hope is Lost, now"

Ukraine Discussing Moving Country's Capital from Kiev to Lviv; "Almost All Hope is Lost, now"

Discussions are underway in Ukraine to move the nation's Capital from Kiev to Lviv because Ukraine is losing its war with Russia. Meanwhile in Kharkov, residents are fleeing en-masse as the Russian Army approaches.

Russia continues it's northern storm front southward toward Kharkiv, Ukraine's  second largest city, and from the east toward the heavily fortified city of Chasiv Yar, once thought to be impenetrable.

In the past two days alone, an additional 30,000+ Russian troops have taken over a dozen towns, villages. 

Despite massive financial and military support from the collective West, Ukraine is simply unable to defend itself any longer.  Even the American media outlet "The Hill" writes: "further efforts to defeat Russia militarily are hopeless; Russian forces have a significant advantage, and the position of Ukrainian forces is rapidly deteriorating. Ukraine will never win the war and recapture the lost territories"

The Russian Army, which was 35 miles away last Friday, is now just 19-miles from Kharkiv. The city was once home to 1.5 million people.  Tens-of-thousands have already fled, and tens-of-thousands more are presently fleeing the city.

Meanwhile, in Kiev, over 19,000 businesses have evacuated the city, with many heading to Lviv in Ukraine's far west, near Poland.

For this reason Ukrainian President Zelensky is now discussing moving the Ukraine Capital  from Kiev to Lviv.  His Army Commanders have been telling him there is no longer any hope at all of Ukraine defeating Russia, or of even reclaiming lands that seceded to Russia.  "Almost all hope is gone" for Ukraine.


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