A source within the Bank of Russia says a new wave of Western sanctions causing the blockage of bank payments, including through countries that are considered  "friendly" to Russia can lead to the  DEATH of the Russian economy.  Source also says "Russia will not be the only country to die . . . ."

According to First Deputy Representative of the Bank of Russia Vladimir Chistyukhin, the United States is telling foreign countries their economy will be Sanctioned (and thereby destroyed) by the US, if they continue processing normal payments to and from Russia.

According to Chistyukhin, it is necessary for Russia to solve payment problems as quickly as possible and not to abhor even exotic or outdated mechanisms.  He went on to say "What seemed to us yesterday, unpopular -- swaps, some clearing systems, the use of crypto -- all needs to be tested, everything needs to be tried."

He went on to point out the reality that if there are no normal calculations for products on foreign economic activity, for Russia's export and import-dependent country then Russia is facing  "it’s destruction."

Since the beginning of winter, Russian companies have encountered problems in making payments — shortly after, as US President Joe Biden expanded the powers of the US Treasury and its Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC, allowing them allowing them to disconnect any banks around the world from dollar payments for processing payments to/from Russia

Banks in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates — key hubs of parallel imports to Russia -- began to block transactions.

Following the financial blockade, Chinese banks — the main buyer of Russian oil and the largest supplier of imported goods to the Russian market joined in halting the processing of payments.

By the end of spring, according to estimates by the Chong-yang Institute for Financial Research at the People's University of China in Beijing, 80% of settlements between Russia and China were suspended. Hopes that the situation would radically improve after the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China, were in vain.

Although Putin and Xi Jinping discussed the creation of an isolated network of Chinese banks that would settle with Russia and not be afraid of Western sanctions, its scale was much smaller than what the Russian side was counting on,

By the end of May, China started  blocking banks of Kazakhstan.  Prior to May the largest the Bank of China regularly handled Kazakhstan payments for sanctions products.

On June 12, the US Treasury added the Moscow Exchange and its key settlement structures (National Clearing Center and National Settlement Depository) onto the sanctions lists, after which exchange trading in the dollar, euros and Hong Kong dollars in Russia stopped.

At the same time, subsidiaries Sberbank VEB in China and India,  VTB in China, India and Hong Kong, as well as three subsidiaries of the defense industrial bank — Chinese, Indian and Kyrgyz, came under sanctions.

In addition to sanctions against banks, the United States has expanded threatened VPK Russia with secondary measures up to disconnecting the bank from the global dollar system.

The US Sanctions which were only supposed to apply to "defense complex" firms in Russia,  NOW refers to all companies included in the sanctions lists that are not even directly related to the production of military products.

Amid problems with payments of imported goods to Russia from January  thru April fell by 9%, up to $ 84.6 billion. Moreover, the decline affected all regions: imports from Europe and America fell by 19%, from Asia — by 4%, from Africa — by 5%.

These new sanctions can deprive the Russian economy of another 15 – 20% of imports, PSB analysts predict. 

It is important for Russia to determine how counterparties from friendly countries will react to this new wave of geopolitical pressure,

Since the United States also imposed sanctions against subsidiaries of the largest Russian banks in India and China, and this may further complicate Russia's ability to adapt to new sanctions and thus adversely affect export volumes from Russia.

Said one source in the Russian government "If faced with the actual and intentional killing of Russia's economy, Russia would have no choice but to kill the countries doing this.  We are completely capable of doing exactly that."

Hal Turner Opinion

Well, there we have it: Russia is facing the "destruction" of its economy because of the United States imposing Sanctions on countries around the world.  The United States is doing this, while at the same time, trying to recruit Ukraine into NATO, for the express purpose of placing American missiles - AIMED AT RUSSIA - on Ukraine soil (with a five minute flight time to Moscow). 

It was the United States that fomented, facilitated and financed the forcible, violent overthrow of Ukraine's democratically-elected President, Viktor Yanukovich, in the year 2014.

It was the United States that rejected Russia's numerous Diplomatic Efforts to avoid war.

It is the United States that controls all of NATO . . .  none of them dare disagree-with or refuse U.S. instructions.

The United States is the key instigator of all this trouble, and now, it is the United States that is literally KILLING the economy of Russia.

So when a source in the Russian Military told me "If faced with the actual and intentional killing of Russia's economy, Russia would have no choice but to kill the countries doing this.  We are completely capable of doing exactly that."  What country do you think will have to be "killed" by Russia?

C'mon, this isn't rocket science . . .  you can figure it out   . . . . .  Yes . . . . us.

I have not yet been able to determine how long the Russian economy will be able to continue before it reaches a point where the Russians determine it is "dead" and choose to strike us.

I suspect it must be on the visible horizon that such information has now come out of Russia.

So, my fellow Americans, are you ready for OUR country to be "killed" over what our GOVERNMENT is doing?

Because it seems to me that in order for our country to be killed, that seems to necessarily indicate that YOU AND ME would likely be part of that equation.

We are now facing our own national death because of illegitimate president Joe Biden, and the incompetent, arrogant, nitwits he hired into important government positions.

Are you ready to die for these people?   I'm not.

But it seems we are facing exactly that.


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