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This plan allows folks to listen AT THEIR LEISURE to archives of the Hal Turner Radio Show, as aired LIVE on International radio stations WBCQ and WRMI, plus on KYAH 540-AM in Utah.

The archives of each live broadcast are uploaded to this web site within an hour of the show ending, and remain available forever.

Each file is studio quality audio at 128 Kbps.  Due to the quality of the audio, the file sizes are large and thus, the cost to stream them to listeners is hefty.  Hence, the Subscription price of $10 per month, billed monthly.

TAX INFORMATION:  Your Sponsorship is a PERSONAL GIFT from you to Harold C. Turner and you may treat the personal gift as such for US Income Tax purposes.  Your GIFT is not "wages, salary, tips or other compensation for purposes of Income tax."

NO REFUNDS Except for accidental double-billing.  Once you subscribe, you have purchased access for a specific period of time and that period will run to completion.  You can choose to NOT RENEW, but there are no refunds for the initial sign-up.

Sadly, some people (very few) want to see paid content, so they sign-up, look at what they wanted to see, then try to cancel the same day to get the money back and thus see what they wanted for free.  (Scam artists!)  So once you subscribe, you have it until you renew and there is NO REFUND of the initial subscription payment.


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Radio Station Info

The Hal Turner Show airs as follows:

Monday-Friday 9:00PM - 10:00PM Eastern US time (GMT-0400) on:

WBCQ Freq. 7490 KHz and 6160 KHz

WRMI Freq. 5950 KHz and 7730 KHz

WWCR Freq. 7520 KHz



WBCQ on Freq. 7490 and WRMI  on Freq. 7730