US Government Agencies Warning of Inbound Geomagnetic Storm; Power Outages, Telco Disruptions

US Government Agencies Warning of Inbound Geomagnetic Storm; Power Outages, Telco Disruptions

Multiple agencies of the United States government are alerting their personnel of a large geomagnetic storm from inbound Coronal Mass Ejections by the sun.  These agencies are telling staff to prepare for power outages, telephone interruption and more.

We begin with this from the Eastern Region (US) of the US Department of Defense:


Next, there are reports from staff at Fort Gordon (Recently renamed Fort Eisenhower:

I can personally attest to the fact that as of about 1:00 PM eastern US time today, the Router at my Pennsylvania "Bugout" location, was reporting serious disruptions of the TWO satellite uplinks I have at that location for my radio show.  So satellite disruption has already begun.

This is the first of at least THREE Coronal Mass Ejections (Solar Flares) already commencing its impact with earth and there are at least two more behind this first one.

We could see power outages, radio and GPS disruptions.


SEVERE GEOMAGNETIC STORM--NOW!! The first of six CMEs hurled toward Earth by giant sunspot AR3664 just hit our planet's magnetic field. The impact on May 10th at 1645 UT jolted magnetometers around the world (e.g., 108 nT in Boulder CO) and sparked a severe (G4-class) geomagnetic storm. This storm is underway now. More CMEs are following close behind (see below) and their arrival could extend the storm into the weekend. Stay tuned! CME impact alerts: SMS Text


One source - a Conspiracy type - couldn't help himself but to tell me "When the lights really go out (and communications), there’s certainly a 99% chance WW3 started and in actually they purposely cut off people to keep the peasants in the dark, figuratively and literally."  This creeped-me-out because it is perfectly plausible.

Now being told a total of SIX (6) CME's) are inbound toward Earth from the sun.  They are traveling at different speeds and two of the six COULD MERGE into a single blast when it imacts earth.

They're now referring to this series of Coronal Mass Ejections as a "Solar Tsunami":


The chart below indicates the ratings system for Geomagnetic Storms:

The present storm is G4:


UPDATE 4:49 PM EDT -- Also being told these CME's dump energy into earth itself and within 72 hours, we should expect several VERY VERY LARGE Earthquakes.

A drop in the Geomagnetic Bz of -40, not once, but 3 times will most likely cause a major earthquake in earthquake prone areas. If you live in an earthquake prone area, I suggest you stay highly alert and watch for signs of an impending quake.

This is an emergency alert, this is not a test, please prepare accordingly.



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