UPDATED 1:50 PM EDT -- COVERT (POLITICAL) INTEL - Biden . . . . July 5

UPDATED 1:50 PM EDT -- COVERT  (POLITICAL) INTEL - Biden . . . . July 5

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As you can imagine, within political campaigns are . . .  "sources" . . . . whose allegiance is not (ahem) necessarily to the particular candidate.  These "sources" are placed there covertly, waaaay early in politics, so people who "need to know" what's really going on inside, can get that information.

Well . . . 

These "sources" reveal that as of yesterday morning (July 2) the entire Biden campaign apparatus was defiant in their stand that Biden absolutely, positively, would not drop out of the campaign.  By yesterday afternoon, however, there was a marked shift.  They report:

"Kamala Harris is seriously being considered to have her "moment" at the top of the ticket. She's also the only one who can keep the campaign's money.

A lot will hinge on the George Stephanopoulos ABC News interview on July 5. If Biden performs poorly, they don't see how he survives. Nothing will happen either way until then."

Hal Turner Analysis

The Democrats have an awful political problem - all of their own making.   They cheated to get Biden into office in 2020.  They intentionally HID his deteriorating health and mental status.  They flat-out RIGGED this year's Democratic Primary Elections, even canceling an actual vote in some  states, and simply having those state committees declare him as their nominee.

Now that Biden's mental status is no longer hidden, Donors are revolting - with some very big donors saying either Joe gets out or they want their money back. The general public is shocked at how Biden has deteriorated, and they know he cannot go to a second term.

The deadline for political parties to place their candidate on state election Ballots has already expired in several states.  So if the Democrats change candidates, those new candidates CANNOT be substituted on those state Ballots.

If they try to 25th Amendment Biden to get him out, the GOP-Controlled House can (and likely will) REFUSE to hold him as "Disabled", meaning Harris cannot assume the Presidency.  OR . . . . The GOP House can say, we will hold him as disabled as long as Harris quits before being sworn-in.

Then, in the absence of both a President and Vice-President, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson automatically becomes Acting President.

And, of course, only Harris is legally allowed to keep the millions in campaign donations, so if she is not on the ticket with Biden, all that cash has to go back to the Donors.

It seems that Democrats are considering every option except one: run the most dignified campaign you can, with the candidate you chose — and lose. Democrats insist on holding onto power at all costs. Whatever they do next will be a dirty trick or a hoax.

It is almost comical to see the Democrats being hoisted on their own petard!

So, July 5 is the date.  If Biden blows the Stephanopoulos ABC News interview . . . which they already say will be taped, not live, likely so they can edit-out Biden's frailty, then all hope is lost for Biden's political campaign.

Two days . . . . July 5.   That's when we know . . . .

Pray that NATO doesn't go to war with Russia between now and then to divert everyone's attention . . . 

As this story is published, you have a little over two hours to do what you think you should in the stock markets, to take advantage of this information.


This gets worse by the hour.   Pete Buttigieg on Kamala's shortlist for VP, along with Gretchen Whitmer



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