Implications of Trump-Biden "Debate" Are Staggering - for both the USA and the World

Implications of Trump-Biden "Debate" Are Staggering - for both the USA and the World

OP-ED -- I did not get to watch the Trump-Biden Debate last night because I was doing my live radio show while the debate took place.  From what I have seen in video snippets, it was an unmitigated DISASTER - for both the United States, and for the world. 

What everyone got to see last night is what many of us have known from the beginning: Biden is not running the country because he is incapable of doing so.  His lack of mental faculties, likely from Dementia, is unquestionable.

This begs the question "Who is it that's actually running the country?"

It's a fair question.  During the Debate, Biden could barely formulate a cogent answer to most questions.  His frail, rambling, often times non-sensical answers were genuinely sad.

Let me digress for a moment to say that while I did not vote for Biden in 2020, (I voted Trump) and while I do not like Biden as a man or as a politician, I do NOT take any satisfaction in seeing the man so genuinely mentally disabled by age. There, but for the grace of God, goes me.

I don't wish Biden's condition on anyone; and it pains me to see the President of our country (even an illegitimate one who occupies office through election fraud as Biden does) so addled, frail, and no longer capable of governing.  Yet, that __is__ the situation we all find ourselves in.

The current President of the United States is unable to discharge the duties of his Office.  Period.  Full stop.

Now, one could argue that Biden's Cabinet should invoke the Constitution's 25th Amendment to remove him, but being candid, his Cabinet are such Partisan sycophants, a person has a better chance of being struck by lightning than the Cabinet carrying out its Constitutional role and removing this disabled President.

Then, too, we're only a few months away from an election and we could probably get-through that time with Biden in this condition --- if it weren't for the fact that Biden's underlings are so utterly incompetent, so completely ignorant of facts and of history, and so severely lacking in rational judgment, they are quickly moving us toward nuclear World War 3 with Russia over their botched handling of Ukraine.

So where does Biden's Debate "performance" leave us?  In a world of hurt!

The rest of the world got to see Biden, too, last night.   And our Adversaries now know, the USA is in no position of power over world events.  Our leadership is non-existent.

The Biden underlings have such historical ignorance, are so lacking in logic and rational judgment, adversaries can go do whatever it is they want, and the US will be, at best, sluggish to do anything about it.   

The lack of strength projected through last night's debate, has made the world much more dangerous.  

With World War 3 looming as a result of our botched Ukraine policies, and further, as a result of our botched Taiwan approach, and further by our botched Middle East actions (read our slavish devotion to that rinky-dink country, Israel, and its pipsqueak army that seems only competent in dropping 2,000 pound bombs from fighter jets onto unarmed civilians) the continuation of a Biden Administration could literally mean the destruction of our nation and our world.   We may not be able to survive until the election!

For me, the absolute worst part of last night's debate:  Polling which said 67% of Americans thought Trump won, while 33% of Americans thought Biden won.   To my thinking, that a full 33% of the people in this country, are so incapable of logic, so incapable of discernment, that they thought Biden won, indicates to me that a full third of this nation is literally too stupid to even be considered citizens, never mind shown any respect.

Those 33% are too stupid to even be considered "persons."  There really is no other way to view them, and worse, no hope for them, at all.


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