Judge in Trump New York Trial Appears to Be Accepting BRIBES from Democrats through Daughter's Company

Judge in Trump New York Trial Appears to Be Accepting BRIBES from Democrats through Daughter's Company

The New York felony Trial of former President Donald Trump  continues. However, it appears from federal election records, the Judge in the case may be accepting Bribes from Democrats through his daughter's political consulting company.

Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer reports that she ". . .was searching through Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman’s FEC disclosure forms for his campaign disbursements." Loomer goes on to report "YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT I FOUND! THIS COULD CHANGE THE ENTIRE TRUMP TRIAL!"

After reviewing the records of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Loomer reports "According to FEC records, the address that NY Democrat Congressman sends his checks to when he pays “Authentic Campaign” is a Richmond, Virginia address that happens to be the personal home residence of Loren Merchan; Judge Merchan’s daughter.

Loren Merchan is the President of Authentic Campaign and her father is overseeing Trump’s trial in NYC."

Loomer then reveals that Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman (D-NY) "Deceptively" documented payments he has been making to Judge Merchan's daughter in Goldman's campaign reports to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Loomer writes: "Additionally, the record in the @FEC [Federal Election Commission] was documented by Democrat New York Congressman Dan Goldman deceptively as “Authentic Campaign” instead of “Authentic Campaigns”, deliberately leaving the S off the end as a way to cover up the fact that Congressman Dan Goldman, who admitted on MSNBC last week to prepping ManhattanDA  Alvin Bragg’s Star witness Michael Cohen  before his testimony in the Trump trial, has been sending his payments to THE PERSONAL HOME ADDRESS OF JUDGE MERCHAN’S DAUGHTER.

Then Loomer releases the actual Documents:

Federal Election Commission Reports from Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman:


Loomer goes on to report: "I have blurred out the address so I don’t get accused of Doxxing, but the address on the Schedule B FEC form for Congressman Dan Goldman as it relates to independent expenditures to “Authentic Campaign” is the same address listed in the Richmond, Virginia Department of Real Estate Assessor database, which lists the address as the personal residence for Loren Merchan and her husband Taylor Murray Harper.

The home Loren Merchan lives in where the Democrat Congressman (who advised Michael Cohen before his testimony in Trump’s trial which her father is overseeing) is sending her payments is a 2 story home with a value of $639,000.

Records show NY Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman has sent Loren Merchan over $162,091.92, with the last payment being made on March 26, 2024, right before the #TrumpTrial began on April 15th, 2024.

Loomer concludes "Worth noting that the office HQs for Authentic Campaigns is based out of Chicago and DC, which means there’s no reason why payments should be going to Loren Merchan’s personal home residence. This is beyond improper!!!! Judge Merchan should be DISBARRED!"

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

So a New York State Supreme Court Judge, allows a case to go forward against a former President of the United States, under a legal theory that an uncharged, unprosecuted, and unproven FEDERAL "Crime," allows the State of New York to bring Felony charges for "Altering/Forging  Business Records" by paying "hush money" to a woman for her to keep quiet about extra-marital sex.  Paying money to a person for them engaging in a non-disclosure agreement is lawful and is done many times a year!

The Judge assigned to the case, has a daughter who, politically,  is a big Trump Hater, and who runs her own political consulting firm.

Congressman Dan Goldman, a Democrat, and another rabid Trump Hater, then starts dispersing his campaign funds to this daughter of the Judge, to the tune of about $162,000.

The Judge, from allowing the bogus legal theory to move forward, handles the entire case in a biased manner aggressively against the former President, including issuing a Gag Order preventing the former President from responding to public challenges or from criticizing ". . . the judges family . . . " and the whole world is supposed to believe that the $162,000 paid by the Democrat to the Judge's daughter, didn't get the Judge to behave this way?

Sorry, I don't buy it.   The fact that Judge Merchan issued a Gag Order to silence Trump about the Judge's FAMILY, seems to me to have been a deliberate act to prevent Trump from revealing these payments to the Judge's Daughter.  The Gag Order is why I think these payments to the Judge's daughter are BRIBES.

Based on the diligent efforts of Laura Loomer, it appears to me the Judge got bribed by a Democrat Congressman through the Judge's daughter.

HOWEVER . . . even if the payments by the Democrat Congressman were completely innocent - and I don't think they were -  the fact that this Judge's daughter is a big political operative blazingly against the former President, and is getting paid all this cash from Democrats who are also blazingly against the former President, seems to me to have the absolute APPEARANCE of impropriety.

Moreover, if these payments by Congressman Goldman are **not** bribes to the judge, then perhaps it's reverse? Could it be a sort of soft Extortion?   Could the Democrats say to Judge Merchan "We're giving your daughter a lot of money and if you want your precious little girl to keep getting that money, you'd better do what WE want . . . . ."?

All this is a bit too much to allow.  It seems to me that, at best, this situation reeks of the APPEARANCE of impropriety.  At mid-range,  it LOOKS like Bribery.  At worst, it may ACTUALLY BE Bribery.

Judge Merchan should either recuse himself, or be Administratively, lawfully, and peacefully removed from the case, by the proper authority within the New York Court System.


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