80 Years Ago Today: Allied Landings At Normandy - WW2

80 Years Ago Today: Allied Landings At Normandy - WW2

Eighty years ago today, the massive Allied landings at Normandy, France began on the sixth hour, of the sixth day, of the sixth month (666) - a decisive moment in World War 2 - to route the Nazis from France and Western Europe.

Many say that had they known then, what western society would turn into 80 years later - with Trans freaks, LGBTQ+, being pushed at all levels of society, communistic schools churning out indoctrinated kids instead of educated ones, illegal aliens overrunning western countries unchallenged, and governments that spy on every move of the citizens they're supposed to serve . . .  they would never have risked their lives to do it.

As the sun sets on the D-Day generation, it rose again over Normandy beaches where soldiers fought and died exactly 80 years ago Thursday, kicking off intense anniversary commemorations against the backdrop of renewed war in Europe, in Ukraine.

Ever-dwindling numbers of World War II veterans who have pilgrimaged back to France, and Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine that has dashed hopes that lives and cities wouldn’t again be laid to waste in Europe, are making the always poignant anniversaries of the June 6, 1944, Allied landings even more so 80 years on.

As now-centenarian veterans revisit old memories and fallen comrades buried in Normandy graves, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s presence at D-Day commemorations with world leaders — including U.S. President Joe Biden — who are supporting his country’s fight against Russia’s invasion will inevitably fuse together World War II’s awful past with the fraught present on Thursday.

The break of dawn almost eight decades exactly after Allied troops waded ashore under hails of gunfire on five code-named beaches — Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword — kicked off a day of remembrance by Allied nations now standing together again behind Ukraine — and with World War II ally Russia not invited by host France. It cited Russia’s “war of aggression against Ukraine that has intensified in recent weeks” for the snub.

Yet is was the then-Soviets, who suffered the severest losses in WW2;  27 Million died fighting the Nazis on Europe's eastern front.  If not for (Russia) the Soviets, there would be no celebrations today - and yet Russia is not invited to today's commemoration.  

Instead, the mental weaklings, and historically ignorant, are today repeating the same mistakes made with Germany in WW2, by today shunning Russia and embracing a country which DID NOT EXIST in WW2 - Ukraine.

It is no small fact that today marks 80 years since the Normandy Invasion.  Fourth Turnings in societies happen at 80 year intervals.  And Fourth Turnings are the most tumultuous and deadly times in human history.  Looks like we're headed into that nonsense yet again caused by those who WILL not learn from history.

Thanks to all those that fought and gave us a chance, sorry we blew it!

I suppose it's not over until the fat lady sings (or these days - put on a plinth in Trafalgar Square).

There's always hope we can stop ourselves being culturally and ethnically cleansed by the one world government globalist-technocrats.


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