Germany Updates Wartime Measures - Draft Laws reactivated!

Germany Updates Wartime Measures - Draft Laws reactivated!

Germany has updated its wartime measures for the first time since the Cold War, preparing for potential conflict with Russia. .

The new plan includes:


- Compulsory conscription reinstated: Citizens can be drafted at any time.

- Evacuation of citizens and food rationing: Plans for mass evacuation and ensuring one hot meal per day through rationing.

- Makeshift bunkers and prepared hospitals: Subway stations to be used as bunkers; hospitals ready for sudden influx of patients.

- Emergency food reserves stored secretly: Stockpiles of food in undisclosed locations for crisis situations.

- Job bans in key sectors: Prohibitions on quitting jobs critical to defense; media must publish official updates.

- NATO troop movements: Facilitating the rapid movement of NATO troops through Germany to the eastern front.

- Civilian roles for healthcare professionals: Doctors, psychologists, nurses, and vets repurposed for military and civil service.

- Priority repairs for military equipment: Quick repair and maintenance of military gear; increased defense budget commitments to NATO.

These measures follow threats of retaliation from Putin, should Germany allow Ukraine to strike Russian territories.

Hal Turner States the Obvious:

What does it tell you that Germany has done this after "threats of retaliation should Germany allow Ukraine to Strike Russian territories?"

It tells ME that Germany  - - -  IS GOING TO - - - allow Ukraine to strike Russian Territories and they are now preparing to be retaliated against!

Why else would Germany do this except they already know what they're going to do, and what Russia WILL do in response?

Folks, Western governments are CREATING World War 3.  Deliberately.  

I don't want World War 3, do you?  

Let's try to get our government public servants back under our control before they get a whole slew of us KILLED.

Germany is at it again.  Wrong side of history.


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