American-Israel Mercenary Benjamin Reuben Captured During Failed Coup-Attempt in the Congo

American-Israel Mercenary Benjamin Reuben Captured During Failed Coup-Attempt in the Congo

American-Israeli mercenary Benjamin Reuben has been captured after a failed coup in the Congo.

Reuben is allegedly a paid mercenary who, published reports claim, acts for former head of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, Yossi Cohen, and also, allegedly, Jewish billionaire Dan Gertler.

The video below, taken in the Congo, is said to show Reuben on his knees, begging for his life after the Coup he allegedly engaged in, failed:

Reuben's reported boss, Yossi Cohen, is pictured below, standing behind Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

Billionaire Dan Gertler is reportedly the Glencore guy who allegedly didn't care about kids in the Congo mining cobalt.

According to published reports, Gertler ingratiated himself to a previous Congo ruler for whom, when an uprising threatened, Gentler flew back to Israel and came back with very many fancy guns used to put the rebellion down.

This is widely reported to be the second failed coup by Yossi Cohen who is banned from entering the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why would a former Israeli Mossad Chief have interest in the African nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo?  DIAMONDS!

You see, Israeli blood diamonds, mined in Africa, cut and polished in Israel, are exported worldwide.

The proceeds are used to sustain the Israeli economy and finance illegal settlements and genocide in Gaza.

The diamond industry in Israel goes back to before the Nakba in 1948.

Israeli diamond tycoons have long been involved in exploiting resource rich African countries.

One publication described it this way:

So . . .  child forced labor, blood diamonds, gun-running to dictators, mercenaries trying to overthrow governments.  THAT is today's (so-called) "God's Chosen.'   

Sorry, I don't see these particular individuals as being that.  Nope.  Not at all.



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