Evidence Is Now Appearing Indicating the Iran Presidential Helicopter Crash WAS an Assassination

Evidence Is Now Appearing Indicating the Iran Presidential Helicopter Crash WAS an Assassination

The crash of the Iran Presidential Helicopter is starting to appear to be a well-planned and deliberate Assassination.  So thorough does the Conspiracy appear, and now the cover-up,  that Weather Satellite imagery for that region on the day of the crash - is DELETED!

We begin with the basics.  The President of Iran took a helicopter trip to the border with Azerbaijan, to have a brief meeting with the President of Azerbaijan.

Here is an image of the two Presidents meeting:

Upon leaving this meeting, the President of Iran, along with his Foreign Minister and their colleagues, boarded their helicopter and took off for home.  They never made it.

Strange coincidence that the Prime Minister of Slavakia, Robert Fico, also met with the President of Azerbaijan, days before Fico was . . .  shot . . . . in an assassination attempt.  

Naaaahhhhhh.  Just a coincidence, right ? ? ?  But, I digress.  Back to the Iran Presidential death.

The helicopter went down in the mountains of norther Iran, without even a MAYDAY call or EMERGENCY Transponder signal being activated!

Moreover, helicopters that carry important people, are equipped with homing beacons for just such a situation.  Those beacons activate on a crash.  This one did not.

So whatever happened to this helicopter, happened either so fast, or with such vast damage, there could be no MAYDAY call, no EMERGENCY TRANSPONDER SIGNAL, and the Homing Beacon was either disabled or destroyed.  An explosion, perhaps?

The area in which the helicopter went down is very remote, with few roads between the treacherous mountain terrain.

Among the initial reporting about the loss of the helicopter, was information that "dense fog" existed throughout the area.  That, along with heavy rain, was making it hard to even find the downed helicopter.

Since weather was implicated in this disaster, some journalists started doing research into the weather conditions in that area in the time leading up to the disappearance of the helicopter.  Suddenly, they hit a roadblock.  The weather satellite imagery . . .  is gone.

We now move to the Weather Satellite Imagery.

CIRA is the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere, whose website is out of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO.

From their website (HERE) "The Vision" of this endeavor is:

To conduct interdisciplinary research in the atmospheric sciences by entraining skills beyond the meteorological disciplines, exploiting advances in engineering and computer science, facilitating transitional activity between pure and applied research, leveraging both national and international resources and partnerships, and assisting NOAA, Colorado State University, the State of Colorado, and the Nation through the application of our research to areas of societal benefit.

The CIRA website also states their Mission:

To serve as a nexus for multi-disciplinary cooperation between NOAA research scientists and Colorado State University research staff, faculty, and students, aligning NOAA-identified research theme areas with long-standing academic strengths of the University. . .

As you might imagine, a University working directly with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has all the weather related resources one can find in the world, at its disposal.

CIRA is a source often used by Journalists to do "deep dive" research into weather events.  Their site offers a wide array of satellite imagery for all sorts of weather conditions, including . . . . Fog.

So imagine everyone's surprise when, while attempting to view the satellite imagery and readings for weather conditions in Iran at the time of the Presidential Helicopter crash, Journalists found ALL DATA FROM MAY 19 (the day of the crash) HAS BEEN DELETED.

Here's a brief video showing the weather imagery has been DELETED:

Why has the satellite imagery for May 19 been deleted?  Who deleted it?  Who ORDERED it deleted?  Why?

It is a well known fact that weather radar often picks up "anomalies" like . . .  swarms of locusts . . . . debris from tornadoes . . . . and . . . . high-powered bursts of microwave energy from NEXRAD-type radar towers, even what are commonly referred to as CHEM-TRAILS, which are aerosols being released from aircraft.

Could it be that the "fog" did not occur naturally?  Could it be that the CIRA Imagery might have (or did) pick that up?

A US Air Force C-17 (shown in the image below, was in the air at the same time as the Iran Presidential Helicopter. 

It landed at Baku, Azerbaijan awhile after that Presidential Helicopter went down.  No American military cargo aircraft have landed in Baku for over a year, yet one just happened to be in the air and the precise time the Iran Presidential Helicopter went down?   HMMMMMM.   Here is the flight path of that C-17:

Could that C-17 have been equipped with a microwave weapon?  If it was fired from the C-17 at great distance toward the Presidential helicopter, could it have destroyed all the helicopters electronic control systems, causing it to plummet to the earth?

Could weather radar have picked-up such a thing, thereby requiring the imagery data to be DELETED?

Finally, social media comes into play.

An account called "Israel War Room" on the Social Media Platform "X" (formerly Twitter) posted a message that was blank except for . . .  a picture of a little helicopter:

Look at the TIME STAMP on their posting . . . .  how would they have even known the Helicopter went down, to boast about it, when almost no one else in the whole world knew at that hour?

Is it possible they knew because the Israelis did it?

None of us know right now.  The search for answers is taking place inside Iran.  They have qualified experts who can analyze the helicopter debris for traces of explosives, shrapnel, and read its flight data recorder.

They can review radar recordings, and radio communications tapes.

Sooner or later, it will be clear to everyone whether this was an accident, or an outright assassination.

(Hal Turner Remark: Right now, my bet: Assassination.  By Israel, or the US, or both - maybe even with help from Azerbaijan.  The weather satellite imagery being deleted indicates to me a potential cover-up.  Wouldn't it be something if a cover-up ended up exposing a crime?)



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