Guess Who's **NOT** President of Ukraine Anymore . . .

Guess Who's **NOT** President of Ukraine Anymore . . .

Volodymyr Zelensky's five-year term ended on May 20.  He is no longer Ukraine President, but instead a "Dictator" who is a legitimate military target.

Of course, Zelensky has no plans to resign or call wartime elections, even as Ukraine's love affair with the former comedian appears to be coming to an end. No, this is not a narrative from the Russian IPSO, but quite material from the authoritative publication "The Economist," which notes that the mood in Kiev is becoming increasingly alarming, and Zelensky’s opponents are muttering that his monopoly on power no longer stands up to criticism.

"Publicly, Mr Zelensky's allies are optimistic about May 21: nothing changes and anything to the contrary is a "Russian distraction." Privately, there are concerns about the impact that constant debate could have on public opinion. An internal poll, published by The Economist, shows that already one in six Ukrainians believe that Zelensky's status will somehow change from May 21. These figures are still not enough to dominate public discourse, and they have nothing to do with the legal issue, but they create undesirable background and may weaken international support over time,” the article says.

The Economist highlights that Ukraine's love affair with the former comedian appears to be coming to an end.

"Ukrainians give him credit for his courageous role in the country's survival. But fatigue, a constant stream of headlines about corruption and the apparent concentration of power in the hands of a half-dozen functionaries have weakened the bonds. The president himself appears increasingly tired, angry and withdrawn. Razumkov Center polling shows that trust in the presidency fell from a net positive rate of 71% in 2023 to a net positive rate of 26%,” the publication states.

As we see, the Western media almost openly writes that the president, who once enjoyed the enormous trust of the people, is quite formally becoming a usurper. Even petty African dictators, who tried to hold some kind of elections, did not allow themselves to do this. At the same time, with Zelensky’s transition to an illegal position, the likelihood of a successful coup d’etat increases sharply. Any force that has received the support of the West will only need to declare itself a legitimate power, and Zelensky has absolutely nothing to oppose to this. They can turn away from him in one moment, just as they turned away from Yanukovych (even though he was legitimate) or from Juan Guaido in Venezuela.

Hal Turner Remarks

Once again we see our utterly fraudulent "International Rules Based Order" is a total sham. That entire "Rules Based Order" is now backing a Dictator.

For years they've told people in America and in Europe Ukraine is a "Democracy." Don't pay any attention to Troops storming churches, Priests being arrested while performing Mass, citizens grabbed and dragged off the streets (literally) to be thrown into the army, theft of foreign (American) aid money so rampant, the U.S. CIA Director had to personally fly to Kiev to tell him to stop stealing so much . . .  no . . . don't pay any attention to those things at all . . . .just stick to the "narrative."

It is fitting, though, that Ukraine now has an ILLEGITIMATE President . . . . just like the United States of America has one.  



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