BULLETIN: Germany Proposes NATO-ENFORCED "No-Fly Zone" Over Western Ukraine

BULLETIN: Germany Proposes NATO-ENFORCED "No-Fly Zone" Over Western Ukraine

There is a proposal to use NATO air defense systems deployed on the eastern borders of the Alliance to protect the western regions of Ukraine from Russian drones. In particular, Poland and Romania, the proposal says, could do this.

This idea is supported by representatives of some German political parties, including the ruling Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Union 90/Greens.

According to the newspaper, the idea of using NATO air defense systems deployed in Romania and Poland and operated by NATO forces to shoot down Russian drones over Western Ukraine was proposed by Nico Lange, an expert at the Munich Security Council (MSC) and former NATO Deputy Secretary General, and was suggested by Lieutenant General Horst Heinrich Braus.

According to Lange, this would create a 70-kilometer safe zone on the Ukrainian border. This could relieve Ukrainian air defense forces in other parts of the front.

Air defense for Ukraine

Russian troops continue to strike Ukraine, forcing Ukrainian diplomats to seek help from their allies. The key request is for air defense systems that can withstand even ballistic missiles.

Ukraine is particularly interested in the Patriot system, but so far only Germany has agreed to provide one battery. Kyiv expects to receive at least seven such systems.

Hal Turner Snap Analysis

If NATO begins shooting down Russian military drones - or any other Russian aircraft - from NATO bases outside Ukraine, Russia has already and repeatedly said those bases would become targets for Russian attack.

So it goes like this: Russia launches drones into Ukraine, some or all are shot down by NATO bases in Poland or Romania.  Russia then hits those bases and, instantly, those countries move to invoke NATO Article 5 collective self defense, screeching "we have been attacked by Russia."

If Article 5 of the NATO Treaty is invoked against Russia, then Russia has already said they will launch nuclear strikes against NATO countries.  

The fact that NATO is even involved in this Ukraine thing is an abomination since Ukraine is not a NATO member.

The fact that NATO is even considering such a proposal is suicidal by the nations considering it.

The people inside NATO member countries, have a right to defend themselves from what NATO is doing.  And since what NATO is doing will result in widespread death and destruction n in those NATO-member countries, the people inside those countries have the right to use LETHAL FORCE to defend themselves from the crazed maniacs in NATO.


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