COVERT INTEL: Hezbollah Preparing ** MASSIVE ** Missile Barrage Upon Israel -- "Unprecedented!"

COVERT INTEL: Hezbollah Preparing ** MASSIVE ** Missile Barrage Upon Israel -- "Unprecedented!"

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Saturday morning Intel communications circuits are blaring urgent warnings that Hezbollah in Lebanon is actively preparing what is described as an "utterly massive" missile barrage upon **all ** of Israel . . .  with analysts saying the planning is for an "absolutely unprecedented" attack.

Intelligence assets in the region, and communications intercepts indicate Hezbollah has far more resources than previously known and of types that can get through  or overwhelm Israel's "Iron Dome."

From Haifa in the north, to Eilat in the South, Hezbollah is reported to be selecting a "very large number" of targets.   

Reports claim the missiles Hezbollah intends to use are precision munitions; not merely exaggerated fireworks like Katusha rockets.  

Of particular concern is that electric power grid components are reported to be high priority target; and if these attacks are are widespread as feared, all of Israel may find itself without electricity very early in any such attack.  

Moreover, Hezbollah seems to know that hitting electrical sub-stations causes only temporary power outages, and as such, they seem to be targeting power station main transformers, some of which take more than a year to merely manufacture!

I several of these main transformers were to be hit, all of Israel could find itself without electricity for literally YEARS.

In addition to power grid targets, Hezbollah is also reportedly targeting fresh water pumping stations.  One communication intercept reportedly included the remark "Let the Jews know what it feels like in Gaza after they cut off water to people there."

Of course, talk is cheap.  Aiming at particular targets is one thing; but actually hitting those targets is something else.

The worry among intelligence officials is that Hezbollah is clearly "playing for keeps."  One Intelligence asset told me "What is in the works is not some mere inconvenience, or to even sew fear within the Israeli population.  THIS planning is for the eradication of the state itself; seemingly to make it impossible for Israel to continue existing."

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