Weekend FYI: What it's like to be a Media Guy in today's America

Weekend FYI: What it's like to be a Media Guy in today's America

I have decided it may be helpful to you, to get an example from time to time of what it's like to be a media personality like me in today's world; the odd or downright nutty things I have to deal with from the general public.

Below is a Voice Mail message that came in late this week.   It has not been edited or altered in _any_ way. 

You may notice the guy _never_ told me who he was, and never gave a call-back number, although the message did have a CALLER-ID number with a name on it.   

I don't know how long he continued to talk after the voicemail reached its limit and cut him off, but it seems he is so disconnected from reality, he likely just kept talking!

Give ear to this and tell me the country isn't full of whack-jobs . . .

It is NOT easy being a public figure in today's world.  This is a good example.

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