President of Serbia: We Will Have World War within 3 to 4 months

President of Serbia: We Will Have World War within 3 to 4 months

Aleksandar Vučić is the President of Serbia.  He gave a television interview which I mentioned on last night's Hal Turner Radio Show, wherein he states plainly "We will have World War within three to four months, maybe sooner." Clips from that interview appear below - watch it.

He went on to say his people are being told to check their flour, sugar, and food supplies, and prepare.

He outlines very clearly, what is at stake for the collective West as it relates to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, and how if the West loses, it falls apart politically and loses respect of the entire world, but if Russia loses, their country "will no longer exist as it is shaped today."   With the stakes so high for both sides, a massive collision and war seems now to be "unavoidable."

For MONTHS, I have warned readers of this website and listeners to my radio show, that this conflict was going to go "wild weasel" and result in what I personally believe, will be actual nuclear war. 

I have suggested, advised, cajoled, and even implored you to get emergency water, emergency food, extra medicine that you need to live, and other "preps" like flashlights for every room in the house, spare batteries for them, a first aid kit with bandages to treat wounds or injuries, a generator to supply electric to your refrigerator so your food won't go bad if the electric grid goes down, spare fuel for that generator, COMMUNICATIONS GEAR like CB or HAM radio, to talk with locals and be able to hear news from around the world by shortwave (HAM).  

I have been regularly ridiculed as "Chicken Little - the Sky is falling."  People have lambasted me as promoting "fear porn" and offering stories as "click bait" even though there are no ads on this site for which I get any revenue!

Many people have flatly DENIED REALITY for months, have ignored my warnings and have done nothing.  Now, the President of Serbia is telling everyone just how bad things are getting.

If you don't start getting the emergency supplies you will need, then you and your family will be shit-out-of-luck when the fighting starts - because millions of other morons, who also did nothing, will all be running to the stores trying to get food and supplies.  The store shelves will be picked clear within hours.  Just like what happens when a hurricane is going to make landfall, and all the morons who didn't do anything because they wanted to see where it would come ashore, all run out to get supplies at the last minute.  Store shelves are emptied and they are out of luck.

Here are excerpts from the Serbian President's interview.  PLEASE listen to him and take action to prepare for what's coming.


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