War is the thing where . . .

War is the thing where . . .

War is a place where young people who don't know each other and don't hate each other, kill each other, based on decisions made by old people, who know each other and hate each other, but don't kill each other.

von er Leyen and Stoltenberg will, alongside their families, take a chopper to their underground Nuclear bunker. While You and your sons and daughters will be expected to die for them.

This is the reality. Think about it.

The West is to Blame; and just won't stop

We can expect a significant widening of the west's participation in the conflict before Putin will be forced to react. How far this will need to go to cause his response is hard to say.... but he will not take any proactive measures to prevent any of that from happening.

Putin is very determined to avoid an escalation with NATO "at any cost." This is clear from his words and body language. It is a misguided posture on his part as this will happen regardless of his desire.

Hopefully he is at least being properly prepared for that outcome, even if it is not his wish - and make no mistake he is VERY averse to any notion of any level of conflict with NATO. He knows this will rock the boat and he simply doesn't want that.

As such, we can expect LOTS of tolerance with whichever the US/NATO does, short of attacking Moscow directly with NATO missiles.

Not sure it will be as fast as 10 days, as the US believe it or not, still have some self-preservation sense. But the escalation towards that outcome will be indeed visible in the next days.

The U.S. needs and wants this war because they are $34 TRILLION in debt, cannot pay it, and must get debt forgiveness. Without that, they would need to adopt austerity spending which would mean cutting the Welfare, Food Stamps Medicare, spending - which they KNOW would result in political suicide . . .  they would all be voted OUT.   To those politicians, losing power would be worse than dying . . . for them.

Here is the OFFICIAL Federal Reserve report on the growth of the U.S. Debt:

It is now growing at ONE TRILLION DOLLARS every 100 days!   This is simply not sustainable.  The government is going to collapse under the weight of its own debt.  It is a mathematical certainty.  There is no way out for them . . .

They're like drug addicts who need a fix. The politicians would rather die than give up their drug, which is "power."  They'd much rather have YOU and ME die, so they can keep their power.

In order to get debt forgiveness, they NEED a nuclear exchange.  The politicians who put us in this financial mess - - by buying votes with public handouts - need to be able to tell creditors "Our cities are destroyed, our people are dead, our economy is in ruins . . . . we have no hope of paying you - we need debt forgiveness."

The Creditors, seeing this is the reality, will have little choice but to forgive the debt; but only after the country is stripped bare.  National Parks, National Forests: sold-off and all the trees clear-cut for lumber to pay the debts.   The Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, sold off, and all the oil and gas drilled-for - as fast and cheaply as possible resulting in all sorts of environmental pollution - all taken to pay the debts.

Gold and silver discoveries in those national parks, all strip mined to grab the precious metals, and taken to be sold-off to pay the debts.

We will be left with a worthless plot of land, stripped bare and completely polluted, to pay the debts.  The entire country will be a an absolute nightmare.

All because of the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, wanted to play "the sport of Kings"  (i.e. war) and the Democrat party, which stole the Presidency in 2020 through election fraud along with  their useful idiots who are so ignorant, so utterly stupid, they voted for these charlatans, and caused it all to happen. 

At the top of the administrative heap of stupidity and ignorance, are the hirelings in the US State Department, who were so out of touch with reality and with history, they deliberately caused a war that could not be won, and should never have been fought.  Nuclear War.

THAT is what I fear is coming.  Very, very, soon.




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